One-Up exclusive Max Toy Co glowies available now

Once again, One-Up have managed to grab a few exclusives from their buddies over at Max Toy Co, presenting the new full-size Kaiju Eyezon and Zanga colorways on GID vinyl! With prices of $63 and $133 respectively, they’ve just been dropped at the One-Up online store and will most likely be gone soon – standing a tad over 10 and 12 inches tall, they’ve been painted with a lovely combination of colorful sprays and are quite the treat!


Glow Gizalla by Gumtaro at One-Up

One-Up and Gumtaro have released the newest version of the Gizalla figure! Made of unpainted glow-in-the-dark vinyl, Gizalla stands around 4.25″ tall and has been priced at nothing but $20 plus shipping costs. As always, customers in Japan can buy directly from their online shop, whereas overseas folks can send them an email with their order.


Medicom Toy exclusive Iron Monkey 2 by Kikkake

Another exclusive for Medicom Toy‘s February line-up is the first fully painted colorway of Kikkake’s Iron Monkey 2! Including the Iron Dog omake in all 3 of its variants, it stands 7″ tall and comes priced at $150 plus shipping – up for lottery here until March 10th for customers all over the globe, they’re expected to be shipped later this month and are, of course, limited to one set per customer.


Instinctoy’s pink Vincent pre-order

Available until March 8th at 23:59 Japan time, Instinctoy are currently accepting pre-orders for an unpainted edition of their Vincent figure! Made of vibrant pink vinyl for $100 plus shipping, they’re made to order with no quantity limit per customer and are expected to ship sometime in April or May this year. Head over to the Instinctoy blog for further information in a language of your choice on how to order your piece(s) by email!


Glitter Bomb Unchimen and Finger Five sets at Fig-X

After having been closed for a couple of months, the Fig-X online store has re-opened its doors with lots of new (and old) stuff for your purchasing pleasure! Paul Kaiju’s poop-tastic Unchiman makes an appearance in glittery red and silver vinyl for $117 each and includes a Morning Man of the opposite color, while two sets of “Glitter Bomb” Finger Five toys are available in the same colors for $42 as well. Additionally, a whole bunch of past Finger Five leftovers can be yours for only $8 a piece, so be sure to check them out before they’re gone!


Commander Dagan by Skullmark

As promised in February, Skullmark have released their third official painted colorway via the Toy Underground store: Commander Dagan! Standing around 9.5″ tall and expected to be delivered in April, this full-sized Starroid Raiders tribute has been priced at $70 and ships all over the world. Stay tuned for more Skullmark releases during the next few months, as their second body has just reached the wax stage and will be ready for vinyl production soon.


New Dr. Mortality and Sushi Dokuro by Secret Base

Secret Base have released some new goodies at their online store! Their recently debuted Sushi Dokuro collaboration with Three Tides Tattoo’s Hirakawa Hiroshi has been painted to resemble weathered gold and measures 7.5″ tall with a price tag of $82, whereas their newest Dr. Mortality edition has got a robe that’s been cast in blue glitter-infused vinyl and features white glow-in-the-dark skeleton parts for $80 plus shipping. As always, overseas customers can order by email with all of the necessary information being available here!

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New Gaikochu Swordsman release by Skulltula

Japanese toy retailer/manufacturer Jungle and Skulltula have prepared a new batch of Gaikochu Swordsmen, all of which will be touching down at their online shop on Sunday, March 1st at 1pm Japan time! Priced at $18 for either the mint, silver or “duck egg green” edition and $23 for the clear version, they stand 2.35″ tall and are bound to sell out within only a couple of minutes.


Rimey edition by G.R.U.P Design Works and Kenth Toy Works

Vinyl newcomer G.R.U.P Design Works have collaborated with Kenth Toy Works, who originally sculpted the mascot to begin with, for the release of a new Rimey colorway in purple! Standing around 3.5″ tall, it features articulation in its arm and neck and is limited to only 10 pieces, including a chase that appears to have been cast in clear vinyl and painted from the inside. You can now order them for roughly $32 before March 6th at 11pm Japan time by sending your name, address, phone number and email to – if the orders exceed the quantity in hand, they’ll be distributed via lottery.


Blasted Earth Wolf by Josh Herbolsheimer and Super7

Super7 and Josh Herbolsheimer are about to return with a new “Blasted” Earth Wolf colorway on March 5th at Noon PST! Cast in orange soft vinyl with plenty of colorful details, Earth Wolf stands a tad over 10″ tall and has been priced at $95 each. Also, you might want to keep your eyes on the Super7 blog for a few teasers over the next few days, concerning a very exciting Astro-Mu related something on March 6th…

“Once upon a time, there was a thing called Earth Wolf. He lived and undied in a magic forest full of things and so forth, until one day he was wandering around with his mind also wandering around, walked smack into a pretty sunset, and got it all over himself. Being an outdoorsy sort, he didn’t really worry too much about cleaning up afterwards. And so, forever blasted by the colors, he lived or died the rest of his days doing the things that an Earth Wolf do, the end.”


Javier Jimenez’ Wananeko stretch goal: Baby Wananeko!

Javier Jimenez’s Wananeko campaign has been a huge success already, having been funded a 100% in two days only, and now the first stretch goal has been announced: Baby Wananeko wants to be made in vinyl as well! If the new goal of $8000 is met (only a bit more than $300 are needed as of now), anyone who bought one of the regular vinyl versions will receive an additional blank Baby in their respective color as well. There’s also a new $200 reward level that consists of a custom set of both figures with colors of your choice!


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