Crazy Pattern Real Uamou

Real Uamou returns to the Uamou atelier shop in Tokyo for a new “Crazy Pattern” release today! Made of mixed-parts vibrant colors and black vinyl from different runs, this collaboration with RealxHead has been priced at $56 and will ship blind bagged. Limited quantites are now available to customers outside of Japan by making an inquiry via!


Abominable Snowman and Death Worm at Hinomaru-ya

While IWA Japan have already released the original colorways of their Abominable Snowman and Death Worm figures several months ago, Hinomaru-ya will be offering them for overseas orders on October 30th! Priced at nothing but $19 each, they stand around 4.5″ tall and have been sculpted by Yoshihiko Makino of TTToy. This time, you can actually use the online checkout instead of pre-ordering by email, with Hinomaru-ya offering a translation at the product page for all of the necessary parts.


Random blank Kumon bags by Shirahama

The last Kumon releases all happened pretty spontaneously with me not being able to write about them in time, so I’m pretty happy to get the release info out in advance this time – Shirahama will be dropping a new wave of Kumon figures at their online shop on October 30th at 6am Japan time! Shipping blind-bagged, there will be various colors in small amounts, usually no more than 4 pieces of a particular color. Some of them will be the usual hard vinyl, whereas others will be made from playful squishy vinyl!


Secret Base Halloween 2014 releases

Secret Base have dropped some Halloween goodies at their online shop today! There’s an “Evil Never Dies” Skull BBB in translucent lavender vinyl with silver lamé  and bat accessory for $43, as well as a Skull Man for $38 only, cast in clear orange and gold glitter-infused vinyl with both toys having secret chase versions. They’ve also got a Skoloct edition in translucent orange vinyl with GID cigar for $98, standing close to 8 inches tall!


Woebegone Mamilla by Psycho Scimitar

Alex Gavryushenko over at Psycho Scimitar is proud to reveal that his very first sofubi figure has come to life: Woebegone Mamilla (the miserable nipple)! Standing around 7-8 inches tall and featuring a nicely textured body, it comes with interchangeable eye socket accessories and the debut colorway is most likely to be available in both a painted and an unpainted edition with blue vinyl body and magenta eyes. Release date, price and definite confirmation for the colors will be announced soon!


Stegoforest “Photon” run by Hip Hop Robot

Mark Bentley, also known as Hip Hop Robot, has collaborated with Jesse Narens for a new Stegoforest “Photon” run! Cast in glow-in-the-dark vinyl and including the Acorn Warrior micro, they’re priced at $65 a piece and limited to an edition of only 5 pieces. You can purchase one by emailing as soon as possible – if there are any leftovers, Hip Hop Robot will be bringing them to Dcon on November 8th/9th.


Byron pre-order by Koraters

After the very successful launch of the new Koraters toy Byron at the recent Taipei Toy Festival, she will be offering another production run for pre-order at her upcoming online shop from October 31st to November 10th! Because of a small mistake with the currency conversion at the event, they’ve been priced a little bit lower than originally intended and the good news is, the low price has carried over to this first release. There will be 3 different editions: an unpainted white version with gold eyes and a clear version with black eyes for $19 each, as well as a clear edition with double-poured black vinyl for the price of $21. Overseas orders will be accepted and Byron, standing a tad over 4 inches tall and produced in collaboration with T9G, is expected to ship about two months after the pre-order.


Bangagon run and “Tokyo Havoc” Daigomi by Blobpus

Blobpus continues to work his spray magic on further platforms, as he’s been tackling Guumon’s Bangagon and Daigomi figures for today’s release! Available now by lottery for a period of a few days only, the “Tokyo Havoc” Daigomi version has been priced at $90, whereas both the black and glow-in-the-dark vinyl Bangagon toys have got a $110 price tag. Full information on what to include in your application can be found at the Blobpus blog, as usual. Good luck!


Warpaint Absoluton by Bwana Spoons

Bwana Spoons has collaborated with his buddy T9G again and has released a “Warpaint” Absoluton run at his all new online shop! Painted with layers of traditional paints and Monster Kolor on vinyl, they’re all one-offs and will be shipped blind for the price of $220 a piece, including a header card and an additional print. All orders placed from now through Sunday will get an additional patch and will be entering a lottery for a free one-off figure!


Infected Halloween Dokuwashi by Super7

Super7 have teamed up with DKE and Scott Wilkowski for an exclusive “Infected Halloween” Dokuwashi release! Cast entirely in resin with translucent orange color on the outside and a glow-in-the-dark skeleton on its inside, Super7 will be offering them as a made-to-order edition from October 27th at Noon through midnight on Halloween night, October 31st. Dokuwashi measures 4″ tall and is priced at $85 with a planned delivery in December 2014.


Unpainted Glow Neo Japan by Restore, red sword edition

After the successful sellout of the limited NYCC release of Restore‘s Neo Japan in GID vinyl, Lulubell Toys have managed to get their hands on another edition, which is currently available for pre-order at their webshop! Unlike the convention-exclusive version, this one comes with a green Honcho Knife for $90 as well and has already sold out in Japan, making this your last opportunity to grab one of these as long as in-transit supplies last.


Walking Cadaver release by Splurrt, Mishka exclusive

After having appeared as one-off for the first time during Toy Art Gallery’s Halloween show last week, Splurrt‘s new “Walking Cadaver” head sculpt for the Cadaver Twins body is ready to have its first full run released as an exclusive for the Mishka store in Brooklyn, New York! Dropping at their location next Wednesday, October 29th at 7pm for a price of $135 each, they come with an illustrated header card by L’amour Supreme as well as a t-shirt from Mishka and are all unique variants, as they’ve all been painted with different hair colors. These beautiful shots have been taken by Toy As Object, be sure to head over to their site for additional picture goodness!


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