The Human Worm by Grody Shogun

Luke Rook of Grody Shogun has been painting up a new mash-up for today’s Wonder Festival: the Human Worm! Made of the torso and head of Miscreation Toys’ Cestoda and the limbs from Lulubell’s Françios le Grand, anyone who didn’t visit the convention can order one via Lulubell Toys until 9pm today, July 26th for $250 plus shipping, or until the limited quantity has sold out.


Elegab’s July 2015 lottery

This month’s Elegab lottery returns with full force, as 4 different toys have joined the July line-up! With the usual prices of only ¥8.000 (approx. $65) each, Hitogomira comes in clear vinyl and Oil Shock’s been produced in light brown vinyl, whereas the Kaijin Seijin set comes in black vinyl and Shuttlegon in vibrant, translucent pink color. Applications can be sent until July 28th at 8:30am Japan time, with winners being notified a day later and the goodies shipping out on the 12th of August. Anyone who chooses to buy 3 or more toys will be receiving a Koburira finger puppet (the omake for the Gakkon figure) in clear vinyl for free!


Darts by Restore

Restore‘s Junnosuke Abe has been working on the second figure of the Jungle Fever series, which will be debuting at this weekend’s Wonder Festival in Tokyo: Darts, the Saber Tiger! Releasing for ¥8.000 at the Paralyzing Toyz booth #5-28-02 in limited quantity, international fans actually get the opportunity to pre-order this first edition via the Pop Soda blog during the next few days as well – priced at $115 including worldwide shipping, they’ll be shipped out at the end of September and if you don’t want to miss out on this run, you better get your order in as soon as possible. Darts measures 8″ tall and is made of 12 pieces, including the upper and lower teeth!


Clear/white Byron by Koraters

Shoko Nakazawa, also known as Koraters, has joined forces with Medicom Toy for an exclusive release of her Byron figure! Available for worldwide orders here, Byron comes with a clear vinyl body and a white painted top half for just $25 plus shipping. Standing 4″ tall, you can order yours until September 1st and can expect it to be shipped in late November this year!


New Kikkake goodies this Sunday

Kikkake have been a little silent over the past few months, but have now announced a bunch of new goodies for their online store on Sunday, July 19th at 11pm Japan time! Available for both Japanese and overseas customers, the line-up consists of two Roly Poly Bombs and a Dentetsu-jin mini-series with Maracas for $37 each, as well as a new colorway for their Iron Monkey 2, that being the “Normal/default” version (OG, if you will) – priced at $122, it comes blind-bagged and includes either one of the Roly Poly toys.


Raoh “Red Hair Blue Eyes” by Blobpus

After a few months of collaborations, Blobpus has returned to one of his own toys and presents the new “Red Hair Blue Eyes” colorway of the Raoh figure! Painted over a glow-in-the-dark vinyl base, this tribute to H. P. Lovecraft’s universe stands around 10″ tall and can be pre-ordered for $96 until July 19th with an expected delivery by the end of September. You can also buy the unpainted version for $65 or get both of them for just $154 plus shipping!


Abominox and other non-SDCC things by Skinner

While Skinner decided to take a break from all the Comic Con madness this year, he will still be releasing a whole bunch of stuff at his online shop on Friday, July 10th at Noon PST with the “Not at Comic Con” sale! The whole line-up of goodies has been announced at his blog and consists of various silk screen prints, all-over screen printed t-shirts, a bunch of lurker sets and the first release of the “Abominox” mash-up with the Morgogg/Ogos body and one of the Krawluss heads. Abominox stands 12.5″ tall, includes two clubs and is limited to an edition of 20 blank figures with a price tag of $150 plus shipping. Enter the discount code “PARTY” during checkout and save 10% on all shirts and prints from Friday through Sunday!


“Debuting for the first time ever! Abominox the forgotten one. Betrayed by the laughing gods in the sky, left to decay in the frozen northern wastes of some lonely hell! Abominox has one echoing thought pulsing in his screaming mind…Revenge! Revenge on those who left him to die! He will get it…It may take a millennia but he will have it.”


Heroes & Villains pre-order by The Galaxy People

The Galaxy People have announced an open pre-order for both the Helios, Grappler and Meklops heroes, as well as the trio of the new Tragg, Skreel and Drexyl villains! Made of blank GID vinyl and expected to ship in September, you can buy the set of old-school heroes for $75, the anthropomorphic villains for $90, or get $5 off your order by purchasing all 6 figures. The pre-order is open until July 20th at 12pm Japan time!


Angel Abby exclusive Kingyosaur by Yamomark

Angel Abby‘s latest exclusive comes from Yamomark and will be released at their retail store in Hong Kong on July 10th at 7:30pm, while some more pieces will be heading to their online store at midnight afterwards: a full-size Kingyosaur run on light pink vinyl! Painted with a combination of yellow, purple and black sprays as well as hand-brushed detailing, their price has not been announced yet, but I’d expect it to be at least $70 plus shipping.


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