More SDCC 2014 exclusives by Super7

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I might be a little bit late on these, but here we’ve got the remaining exclusives for Super7‘s SDCC 2014 booth #4945! They toys can be purchased for the whole duration of the convention at their booth, as long as supplies last.

Starting with the Bug Splattered Crystal Mecha, it’s made of grey, blue, black, and glow-in-the-dark drip vinyl with paint splattered details for a price of $95 each. As for the “Incredible Eye Keep Watch Mummy Boy” in collaboration with Mishka, it is cast in marbled green and purple vinyl with silver, white green and red details for $65.


Next up is a lovely “Mummy Boy Adventure Set”: including the standard Mummy Boy, Pumpkin Boy and the Keep Watch heads, they’re made of marbled pink and silver-embedded clear vinyl for only $75.


On it goes with the “Volcano Fire” Caveman Dinosaur and the “Burnt Offerings” Honoo! Made of red vinyl and marbled black + metallic copper vinyl respectively, they’re priced at $35 a piece.


What would a good Super7 booth be without a Secret Base collaboration? Their Zombie FrankenObake is made of marbled blue and grey vinyl in a black vinyl suit for a price of $65.


And finally, in addition to the previously revealed Foster, the matching “Cookies and Cream” Pie Guy and Milton figures are made of marbled brown and GID vinyl with price tags of $25 each.


Elegab’s July 2014 lottery!

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As announced earlier, the new Elegab lottery is currently open for applications! With a price of $85 per figure/set, there’s a new Bukiminda colorway on sky blue vinyl, a Kaijin Seijin set on GID vinyl and another Gakkon on glow-in-the-dark vinyl as well, including its little 3-eyed omake. Open until July 26th at 1pm Japan time and shipping in early August, with all the necessary information for your email available at his website, as usual.


Fungus Boxer Ree and custom Quillers at SDCC

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It looks like the new Fungus Boxer Ree and Quiller figures by Paul Kaiju have indeed made it in time for SDCC! Dropping exclusively at Gargamel’s booth #5144 on Saturday at 1pm, he’ll have a run of milky-translucent Fungus Boxers with GID attachments and some Quiller customs on green, blue and orange vinyl for an undisclosed price. Nice!


Black Zeus and Goddess by Restore

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Some owners of Restore‘s Eternal Cloud might have already gotten one of these in their hands as a few pieces were sent to shops who offered pre-orders for said piece, but now Restore have officially announced the debut of their Black Zeus and Goddess minis! Made of one-part soft vinyl with hollow bottom, the first batch will be sold on Sunday at Wonder Festival and will be priced at nothing but $2 each! Standing around 2.25″ tall.


More Lulubell Toy exclusives for SDCC 2014

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Although they’ve already announced quite a bunch of exclusives already, Lulubell Toys are going to have a few more toys at their booth #5047: in collaboration with Ummikko and Grody Shogun respectively, Mishka have got some marbled mash-ups for a release on Saturday at 11am – limited to 8 pieces for white edition and 4 pieces for the green ones with a price tag of $65 each. As for 3pm in the afternoon, Mutant Vinyl Hardcore and Grody Shogun have got some new goodies as well: limited to 3 or 4 pieces per run, these “Blood Egg Grody”, “Strawberry Icey” and “Ghoulie” mash-ups will be sold by lottery for prices of $125 each!


The variants for Bwana Spoons’ Lonny/Jeff body revealed

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It’s been exactly 3 months since Bwana Spoons‘ successful Lonny Kickstarter campaign, now the first vinyl pulls have arrived at his home! Along with several unpainted and mixed parts Lonny and Jeff bodies for a possible SDCC release, we get to see the full reveal of Paul Kaiju’s “Quiller” variant as well – who knows, maybe a few lucky folks will be able to grab the first customs at his A Fistful of Dominoes event at Gunnzo?


Update: SDCC release confirmed on Thursday at 11am, booth #5144! The skull-headed Devon Shlongneck variant by Bwana and T9G’s weather god sculpt (flesh-headed guy on the right) will join the party as well!


Frank Kozik’s exclusives for SDCC 2014

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With SDCC opening its doors for the preview night later today, Frank Kozik has announced his exclusive colorways as well! Selling at his booth #5051, he’s got an edition of 50 translucent blue Heathrow figures for $40, a clear blue Hateball set for $65 with an edition of 25 pieces and a large unpainted glow-in-the-dark Hateball for $40 each. Blackbook Toy have also provided him with a new A Clockwork Carrot: Dim edition, cast in GID vinyl and most likely retailing around the $145 range!


Black Cat Yokai by Handsome Taro M

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Seen at Super Festival 65 in April, here comes another debut by Handsome Taro M: Black Cat Yokai! Based on the character from Shigeru Mizuki’s Akuma-kun manga, it stands 9.5″ tall and is priced at $65. Orders will be accepted from Sunday, July 27th on and Black Cat Yokai is most likely to also be for sale at Wonder Festival the same day.


Chibi Good Robot and Horumora by Jetturre

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Jetturre and Handsome Taro M have finally started to accept online orders for their new Chibi Good Robot and Horumora/Hormorah figures! Having originally been released at a convention several months ago, these mini editions of their popular sculpts stand approx. 4.75″ tall and are made of light pink and blue vinyl for a price of $18 each. I’m not really sure if they accept international orders, but Japan residents can place their orders here.


Kemedama and Slug by Linden Toy

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Here’s part 2 of Linden Toy‘s exclusives for this Wonder Festival summer edition with 2 new debut releases up their sleeves: a Kemedama by Shigeru Mizuki for $49 and a Slug toy by Osamu Tezuka for $45, larger than their previous version! Both versions below are just test pulls, the final versions are going to be painted.


Glergle debut by Miscreation Toys

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Having just made it time for a small release at SDCC, Jeremi Rimel of Miscreation Toys is proud to announce his new Glergle sofubi! Most people might remember Glergle from his resin days, now Lulubell will be offering the freshly pulled vinyl versions at their booth #5045/5057 during this week along with a prototype-preview for another upcoming Miscreation Toys figure in the works.


Linden Toy exclusives for Wonder Festival 2014 Summer

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Linden Toy have announced their exclusives for Wonder Festival on July 27th: with a selection of their well-known character designs by Osamu Tezuka and Mizuki Shigeru, they’ve got a gunmetal Robita edition with legs for $58, a clear Betobeto-san for $48 and a clear Sumo Yokai with black lamé for a price of $58!


Demogorgon and Mushussu by TKOM

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Although his previously announced Double Think figure has not been released in soft vinyl yet, Takahiro Komuro aka TKOM is teasing us with some more soon-to-be-vinyl sculpts! Titled Demogorgon and Mushussu, it looks like these wonderfully crafted figures with a lovely retro feel might all be released as little series once the time is right. Stay tuned!