Bluebelt Rootbeer Drizzleshits by Bwana Spoons

After all of the Drizzstarter pre-orders have been shipped out a few days ago, Bwana Spoons has been busy working on the first online release of his new Drizzleshits toy: the Bluebelt edition! Available right now at Gravy Toys for just $52 plus shipping, it’s been painted with sprays and handpainted elements of translucent “rootbeer” vinyl and comes bagged with a lovely illustrated header card.


Super7 at San Diego Comic Con 2015

This year’s SDCC is only two weeks away and with that, the first announcements for exclusive releases are starting to arrive all over the internet, such as the whole line-up for Super7′s booth #4945! Comprising 10 different mini and mid-sized figures, this Comic-Con’s offerings are mostly made of glow-in-the-dark, pink glow and swirled releases, priced from $25 up to $65. However, this will not be everything Super7-related during the festivities, as you might know that they’ve recently opened a retail space in San Diego as well, where some surprises might be happening during the same time, too – be sure to keep your eyes on their blog for further announcements during the next few days!


Booof by Toysbian

A new toy designer by the name of Toys Bian has emerged from the depths of Instagram, proudly presenting the first test shots of the triangle-headed Booof! Including an exposed brain and other kinds of orifices on each side of its head, Booof’s got a size of about 9″ and if all goes well, we might be able to see the first online release for worldwide customers during the next 1 or 2 months with the launch of a new website. Stay tuned!


Atomic Kong by KT Soft Vinyl x Medicom Toy

Another month has passed and another batch of exclusives has appeared at the Medicom Toy website, starting off with the online debut of Japanese sofubi brand KT Soft Vinyl: Atomic Kong! Based on a 4.75″ tall mini figure from the 1970′s, they’re not only selling a re-produced version of the original toy, but have been working on a Giant version of their own, measuring almost 12 inches in height and including articulation in its neck, arms and waist. Both Kongs have been painted over a black vinyl base with minimalist dark gray sprays and flesh accents, and are currently up for grabs via lottery until July 10th for both Japanese and international customers at $175 for the set!


New Devil Boogie Man by Secret Base x Cure Toys

Cure Toys and Secret Base have joined forces once again, presenting a new Devil Boogie Man and a fitting Devil mini figure! Dropping sometime during the next few hours at the Secret Base online store, their bodies appear to have been produced in translucent purple vinyl with the Boogie Man including a bunch of guts on its inside, selling for $121 plus shipping, whereas its smaller buddy retails for just $49 a piece. Both toys include a removable mask and mace accessory!


Massive Attack “Howling” by Mirock Toy

After having been offered by lottery through their website at first, Mirock Toy‘s most recent sofubi figure, Massive Attack, will have a new colorway released exclusively at the Tomenosuke online store tomorrow, June 27th at 9pm Japan time! Painted with a combination of dark metallic colors over black vinyl, Massive Attack measures approximately 6.75″ tall and this “Howling” edition has been limited to just 20 pieces with an undisclosed price tag.


Astro Unkotsu “Thomas Blue” by Goccodo

Debuted in 2013 and a rather rare sight outside of Japan, Goccodo is currently offering both Japanese and international fans the opportunity to win the newest colorway of his Astro Unkotsu figure by lottery! Measuring just under 10″ tall and featuring 8 points of articulation and a removable see-through helmet, Astro Unkotsu has been priced at $68 plus shipping and comes in a “Thomas Blue” colorway this time around, inspired by the Thomas the Tank Engine kids show. If you’re interested in grabbing this toy for yourself, be sure to head over to the Goccodo blog before June 27th at 11:59pm Japan time for all of the information on how to enter the lottery!

IMG_6324 IMG_9130

Blank Green Autopsy Zombie Staple Baby

It’s been a while since the last solid color Autopsy Zombie Staple Baby release, but now Jeremi Rimel of Miscreation Toys has returned with a new edition in blank green vinyl! Produced in collaboration with Lulubell Toys and available in limited quantity at his webshop for $100 plus shipping, they measure about 9.5″ tall and include the usual 5 points of articulation.


Elegab lottery for June 2015

Elegab has returned with 4 new colorways in various colors for this month’s lottery! Consisting of a black vinyl Hedogon, an orange Puppet Seijin, a translucent orange Tonneran and the first Shuttle-gon edition since 2012 (if I’m not mistaken), Elegab continues to amaze with the consistent pricing of $65 per piece and if you order 3 or more pieces, you’ll receive a black Koburira finger puppet for free, which is usually included with his Gakkon figure as an omake. Lottery entries will be accepted via email until June 24th at 8:30am Japan time!


Cestoda by Miscreation Toys and Toy Art Gallery

Toy Art Gallery are proud to reveal their latest vinyl release in collaboration with Jeremi Rimel of Miscreation Toys: the enormous Cestoda figure! Measuring a gargantuan 14″ in height and depth and including over 10 points of articulation, there currently is an open pre-order going on for both an unpainted red and a charcoal gray edition until July 2nd for the initial pre-order price of $175 each. Shipping in August this year!

“A blue whale is found beached near Santa Monica Pier. During the necropsy a giant creature emerges from the whale carcass carrying a brood of eggs clustered on its hulking back. It can use any living thing as a host, piercing into them with its spiky tail and inserting eggs. And now it has humans for incubation vessels.

The military step in to contain the infected zones and hunt down the rapidly growing creature. But the monster is resilient. It has large sharp claws and the glands within its tail spray a potent, foul slime that induces a paralyzing effect. Bullets pierce the creature’s segmented cuticle flesh to little or no effect. The military attempt to capture it with more advanced weaponry.

Marine biologists nickname the creature “Cestoda” as it’s biological traits resemble those found in tapeworm parasites. They theorize the invasive species originated deep within the Earth and was introduced to the sea following a recent earthquake that rocked the coast of northern California. They believe the beached whales fed upon deep sea creatures that were infested with the parasite.

While the military tracks Cestoda, scientists race to discover a solution and stop the spread of the parasite. If they fail, Earth will eventually be purged of every living creature- including mankind!”

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Gabogirass EX sofubi by Gumtaro x One-Up

One-Up and Gumtaro are proud to reveal the third figure in their ongoing series of miniature-size kaijus: Gabogirass EX! Seen earlier this year as a few resin one-offs during several events, the two-headed Gabogirass has already left the entire vinyl production process behind and has now been reborn as two-piece sofubi toy, measuring about as tall as its buddies Gizalla and Gajyolla. More news on the first colorway soon, until then we can enjoy the picture of the first test shot!


Vinyl Pulse x Itokin Park 10th anniversary exclusive Astronaut

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, the people over at Vinyl Pulse went full circle and have collaborated with Kazuhiko Ito (Itokin Park), who created their very first exclusive back in 2006, to do them the honor with a limited edition of his Astronaut toy! Based on their signature black and green colors, the Astronaut sofubi stands 3.5″ tall, includes a clear helmet and additional 10th anniversary button and will be released via Vinyl Pulse on June 19th at 7:30am PDT for nothing but $35 plus shipping. Fun!


King Negora (Glow with guts) by Blobpus x Max Toy Co

The latest glow-in-the-dark figure to receive Blobpus‘s signature sprays is Max Toy Co’s King Negora figure, which is now available via lottery at the Blobpus blog! Including golden glitter-infused guts in both its head and belly, King Negora has been painted with a combination of bright colors, silver accents and black/pink leopard patterns with a price tag of roughly $113 plus shipping. Estimated to be shipping out by July 10th, any interested parties should be heading over to his website as soon as possible, as the lottery will probably be closing soon…


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