New Elegab lottery, August 2014

The new Elegab lottery for August has started! As announced earlier, it consists of a dark blue Oil Shock and an orange vinyl Gakkon for $84 each, as well as a Bukiminda in glow-in-the-dark vinyl for $87 plus shipping. They all measure around 9-10 inches tall and if you’re interested in one (or several) of them, you can send your application until August 24th by email, full details available at his website. Good luck!


Sunny Day skullHevi by Secret Base x Pushead

New from Secret Base and Pushead comes the “Sunny Day” skullHevi edition! Being sort of the opposite of a Rainy Day toy, it will be made available whenever it’s at least 35º C (95º F) in Tokyo and although the first few pieces have already been sold today, there might still be a small chance that some more pieces are going to be distributed over the course of the next days. Cast in GID vinyl and priced at $92, skullHevi comes with its new arms and has been sculpted by Betch.


Hedoronchaku by Elegab

The ever-busy Nari-san, also known as Elegab, has posted a little teaser of yet another new sculpt: the Kougai Kaiju (Pollution Monster) Hedoronchaku! With what look like several points of articulation in its tentacles, it appears to be standard-sized and the first edition is planned to be released at the Ueno Sofubi Expo at Yamashiroya on September 7th. If all goes well, Elegab will also be participating in the upcoming Super Festival 66 on September 28th (not confirmed yet), and will even have some Hedoronchaku toys for pre-order at the NYCC Kaijumonster booth #406 in October! As far as an online release goes, it might come later in October or November. Stay tuned!


Nenne by Cherri

In today’s news, here is another something I recently stumbled upon: Nenne by Cherri! Made of soft vinyl, the very first editions of this toy had already been released online and at the last Wonder Festival a few weeks ago, but if you’re interested, you can currently find the “Brown Tabby” colorway at the Cherri online shop for $35 plus shipping. Nenne stands close to 4 inches tall and is scheduled to ship in September!


Halfas by Toyholic x Instinctoy

Produced in collaboration with Instinctoy and designed by Toyholic, here comes a new toy debut: Halfas! This likeable two-headed monster stands 3 inches tall and comes with a little pouch in its chest, which you can pull out to reveal a heart inside. This first edition has been cast in white vinyl and is now available from Instinctoy for $21 – international orders can usually be placed by contacting Instinctoy by email.


New Chima Group colorways: Formal, Surprise and Parabola

The people over at Chima Group have updated their online store with several new colorways! There’s a Formal “Gray Parakeet” edition with small sprays on its cheeks for $32, a “Shaved Ice with Strawberry Flavor” Surprise for $33, and a “Buchi” Parabola with black dot patterns and light blue collar for $29. When you buy 2 toys of your choice, you’ll get one of their new “Float” Swan micro sofubi figures for free! It’s nice to see Chima Group try new things and change it up a bit.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAformal-gray-parakeet

Uamou Happy Bags – Summer Vacation 2014

Along with the bunch of previously announced figures, Uamou have released a new Happy Bag at their online shop! For a price of $30 plus shipping only, the bag is filled with about $80-100 worth of toy goods, including at least one standard version, one mini and Boo figure, a Skull Uamou, stickers and a postcard. Some very lucky people might find Fortune Uamous or even rare sample versions. Available until tomorrow, August 17th only!


Shikabane Kaiju collaboration by Mutant Vinyl Hardcore and Blood Guts Toys

With Rich Montanari having announced two weeks ago that he’ll be working full-time on Mutant Vinyl Hardcore now, we can expect an increased amount of releases and collaborations in the future, starting off with Blood Guts Toys’ new Shikabane Kaiju! Titled “Patient Zero” and “Zombie Freddy”, both colorways are going to be released at his online shop tomorrow, August 16th at a currently undisclosed time and price. Be sure to sign up for the MVH mailing list for the the full release details later!

Update: they’re dropping at 8pm Eastern time today! With a price tag of $250, they’re limited to 10 pieces total, split between both figures and being sold blind-bag style. Including a 12″ x 18″ print on velum card stock with flash work Izu (BGT) did of MVH characters.


Blobpus x Max Toy Co Mecha Nekoron MK3

Blobpus has launched yet another lottery, this time for a Mecha Nekoron MK3 colorway by Max Toy Co! Including a black micro Blobpus figure with suit, the set is priced at $54 plus shipping and applications can be sent until August 18th to with your name, country, address, telephone number and PayPal in the body. Good luck!


Slime Green Stegoforest by Jesse Narens

Jesse Narens has released a new Stegoforest edition at his online shop: Slime Green! Cast in vibrant green vinyl, they’re priced at $55 and feature the usual articulation in the head, tail and left leg with a length of 7.5 inches. If you’re interested in other colors as well, there are still a few painted and unpainted flesh and GID Stegos available, too!


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