Shikabane Kaiju by Blood Guts Toys

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Here’s a little something on a Japanese newcomer to the soft vinyl world: Blood Guts Toys! Created by Izumo Irezumi of Instinct Tattoo, they’re making toys inspired by old monsters and zombies and their first figure is titled “Shikabane Kaiju”. Although the first “Flesh Eater” colorway has already been released a few days ago and sold out, the next edition is said to be released sometime later this month! Shikabane Kaiju stands 11″ tall and has been created in collaboration with Hirota Saigansho, as far as I’ve understood.


Cosmos Alien silver and gold at Toy Art Gallery

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Toy Art Gallery have just released some black vinyl Cosmos Alien figures by Medicom Toy x Cosmos Project at their online store! I originally believed these to be exclusives for Ichibanboshi, but regardless, they managed to get some pieces to the US and even offer them for their original price of $30! Both the A and B version are available with either gold or silver sprays and stand 3″ tall. Did you know they’re actually squishy?


“Skeleton Antlar” by Zollmen

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After having participated at the last Tsuburaya Creative Jam with a new Baltan head sculpt for their Galtan toy, Zollmen have come up with the next Ultraman-based design for the second round on April 26th: Skeleton Antlar! Featuring another head (with the possibility of the skeleton one still hiding underneath), this debut colorway features quite a lovely color palette on red vinyl and will be priced at $103. I don’t really know if these will be offered through Medicom Toy after the event sometime, but let’s hope so!


“The Midnight Six” Alavaka by Devil’s Head Productions

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Devil’s Head Productions have returned with a new Alavaka colorway: the Midnight Six! Dropping online tomorrow at a not yet specified time, they’re priced at $60 each and limited to – you might have already guessed it – 6 pieces. Made of clear vinyl with gold glitter and double poured GID, they’re being sold blindbagged with green, orange or neon pink horns.