Cherry Chocolate Koningu by Ummikko

Swedish toy designer Ummikko has returned with a new surprise Koningu release: the Cherry Chocolate edition! With the online drop being nothing but a few minutes away, 5:30pm PST that is, this tasty edition has been painted with simple red and gold sprays to accentuate the color of its dark brown vinyl base. Koningu stands the usual 5.5″ tall and has a price tag of $50 plus shipping!


The Disarticulators’ Oozeball sofubi at ToyCon UK 2015

The Disarticulators‘ Tru:Tek is proud to be joining tomorrow’s ToyCon UK with a bunch of Oozeball one-offs and micro runs! Jon Malmstedt of Rampage Toys has painted three customs over non-squishy flesh-colored vinyl, titled (from left to right) “Red Planet”, “Funfetti Ooze” and “Golden Sludge” for £65 a piece, while an edition of 8 “Predatooze” figures have been produced in matte clear, squishy sofubi with custom tie-dyed pom poms to resemble the infamous thermal imaging effect from cult 80’s flick, Predator, will be available alongside two pom-pom-free Stealth versions for just £35 and £32.50 respectively. And last but not least, a highly limited batch in both unpainted glow-in-the-dark and flesh vinyl of only 2 pieces per color will be sold for £30 each – any leftovers will be heading to the Man-E-Toys store on Sunday, April 26th at 9pm London time!

final tcon oozeball promo

Zamushimu and Chibi Kai Thunder by JetSome

Jetturre and HandsomeTaroM have joined forces under their mutual brand JetSome once again, presenting two new releases for Super Festival 68 on Sunday: Zamushimu and Chibi Kai Thunder! Previewed during another convention a few months ago, Zamushimu measures around 10″ in height and this first official colorway has been painted over light blue vinyl with a price tag of $74. Chibi Kai Thunder joins the ranks of other mini adaptations with a size of 4.75″ in an edition of 20 pieces, with any leftovers heading to their site shortly afterwards (shipping to Japan only).


Elegab lottery for April 2015

Another month is about to go by and that means a new and exciting bunch of Elegab colorways! Returning with a line-up of 4 different figures, his newest full-size tornado kaiju Tatumakira and his island buddy Jimagon have received Nari-san’s signature colorful sprays over glow-in-the-dark vinyl, while King Smog re-appears in a fitting dark brown vinyl and Hedoronchaku has been painted over a sky blue base. With price tags of only $67 each, you can apply for one or several pieces of your choice until April 26th at 8:30am Japan time by email.

But wait, there’s more – if you order three or more figures, you’ll be receiving an additional “Kaiju Boy” finger puppet for free! These little sillies recently made their debut at the Doki Doki Osaka show in March and one (random) GID figure might show up at your doorsteps soon, if you’re lucky enough!


Orange Kaiju Negora by Max Toy Co

Max Toy Co have released a new limited edition of their popular Kaiju Negora collaboration with Konatsu at their online shop today! Cast in orange vinyl and handpainted with V-color by Mark Nagata himself, they stand 3.5″ tall and have been priced at $42 each. Mark also painted another Kitsura colorwa, originally designed by Candie Bolton with a sculpt by Pico Pico, currently still available for $32 plus shipping!


Gnosis show at Toy Art Gallery

“GNOSIS”, a show featuring Blood Guts Toys, Deathcat Toys, Grizlli Atom, kto kto, and Snatchpunch, with special guests Aaron Brookes, Monsterisland, Popsoda, and Purple Toys opens today at Toy Art Gallery in LA! There’s going to be a huge variety of items and lots of sofubi debuts by several artists, here’s what’s going to happen:

Izumo of Blood Guts Toys will, of course, be releasing some new Shikabane Kaiju figures and has also brought his most recent work to the US: Ningyo! Featuring an articulated head and arms, it’s surprisingly big in size and quite a looker, even though I can’t say for sure that they’ll be for sale at the show as well.

ningyo 11154966_10152847555845875_1395633058154683481_o

As for Johan Ulrich of Deathcat Toys, he will be releasing his very first soft vinyl figures at the event: the Akumaneko set! Inspired by Go Nagai’s Devilman series, they’ve been produced by TAG and sculpted by Grizlli Atom, including the two mini figures by the names of Psychosophie and Owlene. Both painted and unpainted versions should be for sale!

akumaneko Akumaneko

Grizlli Atom himself will be releasing some new stuff as well, that being a set of “Goonsquad” figures (one of them shown on the left and currently not in vinyl), plus his Plague Doctor figure in collaboration with Toy Art Gallery! Pretty great show, any leftovers should go online on Monday at Noon PST.


Aoba by T9G x Konatsu

There have been quite a few Negora releases by Konatsu during the past few months, ranging from micros to the Medicom Toy porcelain editions and even a new full-size sculpt, but now we get to witness a very special collaboration by Konatsu with Japanese toy designer T9G: the “Aoba” variant of her Negora design! Sculpted by T9G and having originally seen the light of day during a show at Qpop in the US (if I remember correctly), Aoba appears to be similar in size and the first black and white editions are currently being offered for pre-sale to visitors of this weekend’s Art Toy Culture event in Korea. Here’s hoping for an online release soon!


In other Konatsu news, she’ll be heading to the Hang Gang booth at ToyCon UK next week, where she’ll be bringing lots of paintings and exclusives along, such as these translucent pink Negora sets with silver lamé!


More exclusives for ToyCon UK 2015 by Cometdebris

The remaining Cometdebris exclusives for this year’s ToyCon UK have been announced and with the amount of figures that will be heading to the event already, it looks like it’s going to be quite a blast! As mentioned earlier, Bwana’s Jeff and Lonny figures have been cast in lovely swirled translucent blue and GID vinyl with minimal silver sprays on their limbs for only £35 each, Sametan has been cast in neon red and yellow vinyl parts and Electricboy will make an appearane in clear red vinyl with blue glitter as well. An extremely limited edition of 5 Ace Robo toys in clear sofubi with non-metallic black vinyl flecks will be the only figure you’ll see in this style, since they proved too hard to pull and to top it all off, everyone who buys 4 or more Cometdebris figures will be receiving a translucent red Kappaborg Kid with print insert by Chanmen for free!

Sametan(2) LonnyAceRoboKappaborg(1)

Spicy Hot Monsters by Grody Shogun

Grody Shogun’s mastermind Luke Rook has sent a new batch of Monsters over to Lulubell Toys in the US: the “Spicy Hot” colorway! Cast in black and cream-colored vinyl for $30 each, they’re limited to a maximum of 2 pieces per household and stand 6″ tall. One lucky customer will be receiving the (almost) unpainted chase version to the right!


Ultimate Saikobi by Max Toy Co

Max Toy Co have been busy working on several new figures for vinyl release in the near future, such as this full-size “Ultimate Saikobi” toy! Based on its mini counterpart from their Monster Boogie line, the figure is half dinosaur, half robot and has been masterfully sculpted by Pico Pico, whom you might know for other split designs such as Kumaborg or Gakkey-kun. More Max Toy Co news coming soon!


Kingudan X10 Glow edition by Bear Model, Toyful exclusive

The people over at Japanese online store Toyful have teamed up with Bear Model for the release of a new Kingudan (KingDan) X10 colorway once again! Appearing in the 5th episode of the Mazinger Z anime with Bear Model’s toy interpretation standing just under 10″ tall, they’re made of glow-in-the-dark vinyl with turquoise and red sprays plus additional black, golden and silver highlights and have been priced at $68 each. Currently available here for open pre-order until the end of May, Toyful will probably ship to Japan only, so you’ll be needing an appropriate forwarding service of your choice.


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