Summer Vacation Sametan part 2 by Cometdebris

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Due to the positive response from the first Summer Vacation Sametan release in early July, Cometdebris are offering a second round of clear Sametan figures! Available for open pre-order and having pink eyes this time, they’re filled with colorful shells and sea animals and can be bought until August 8th at 11pm Japan time. Priced at $45, you can also buy them as set of 2 or 3 pieces for $93 and $141 (including a little bit of adjustment for additional shipping) with a portion of the proceeds going to benefit PangeaSeed.


Kumo Ningen colorway by Blobpus x Dream Rocket

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Blobpus and Dream Rocket have joined forces once again for a new Kumo Ningen (Human Spider) colorway! Available by lottery and open for applications until August 5th, they appear to be cast in GID vinyl and come priced at $74 plus shipping – to enter the lottery, be sure to send an email to with “KUMO NINGEN [BLObPUS Paint Ver]” in the subject and your name, country, address, telephone number and PayPal in the body. Good luck!


New Zombitron runs by Acolorfulmonster

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Acolorfulmonster has shared news on some new Zombitron micro runs: limited to editions of only 4 pieces each, the “Orange Metallo” is made of orange vinyl with a $65 price tag, while the “Bruised and Bloodied” colorway can be yours for $75; both version can now be found at his online store. Zombitron has been created in collaboration with Kenth Toy Works and stands 5.5″ tall with 6 points of articulation!


New Stegoforest colorways by Jesse Narens and Velocitron

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Jesse Narens has announced two Stegoforest colorways, dropping on August 8th at an undisclosed time – with lowered prices for regular releases, there will be a run by Jesse on flesh vinyl with green, blue and yellow sprays plus silver eyes for $55, as well as a signature color and rub version by Velocitron on GID vinyl, priced at $80 each. Blank versions will also be available for $50 (flesh) and $55 (glow in the dark)!


Godzilla Vinyl Wars part 2 by Medicom Toy

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This month’s Medicom Toy releases continue their ongoing Godzilla Vinyl Wars series in honor of the first Godzilla movie in 10 years, offering a selection of Japan’s finest toy makers and reproduction editions! Available for pre-order until the end of August and expected to ship in late September and November.

These two Bullmark Godzilla are the only editions that can be ordered here by customers worldwide, whereas the others are limited to Japan, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Brazil and Taiwan. Both versions stand 9 inches tall and retail for $69 plus shipping, with coloring design from Yuji Nishimura of M1GO!


By Marmit comes this Mothgodzi 1964 edition with green sprays for $64 and Marusan have got a black/gray “Godzilla Strickes Back” 1955 edition.


CCP are offering a matte black 11″ GMK Godzilla for $69 and also from Marmit comes this amazing 10″ Destoroyah piece in red vinyl for $106.


Sofvilife have got an enormous Giant Hedorah for $106, cast in dark grayish vinyl and measuring close to 14″ tall.


And finally, here’s another J-tale Godzilla by M1GO x Bullmark in green vinyl for $75 and a 1962 Kingodzi by Bear Model for $69 with a size of 9 inches.


Lulubell Toys SDCC 2014 leftovers

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Right as I’m typing, Lulubell Toys are in the middle of dropping their SDCC leftovers and saved stock at their online store! Marbled Young Gohsts and Autopsy Zombie Staple Babies, as well as the blind-boxed Gergle debut by Miscreation Toys, Shub Zeroth and all kinds of additional Grodyness – whatever your heart desires. Good luck and I hope a few non-convention goers might get lucky after all!


New Cheestroyer micro runs available now

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Available now at the Bad Teeth online shop are two newly released Cheestroyer micro runs! The “Rainbow Fuzz” edition is made of clear vinyl with fuzzy ball inserts for a price of $40, whereas the Hawaiian-inspired “Paradise Bootleg” version has been painted by Glenn Manders with various spray colors on light pink vinyl for $45 each. Both runs are limited to 5 pieces and measure the usual 4.75″ tall!


Rampage Toys Wonder Festival 2014 (summer) leftovers

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With this summer’s Wonder Festival having ended just a few hours ago, Rampage Toys have already released their leftovers online! Introducing the new licensed Jamira sculpt from the up-and-coming Rampage Ultra Kaiju Series, it stands 5.25″ tall and has been cast in rich yellow vinyl for a price of $40; but let us not forget two sets of matte yellow and purple blank Lab Mice by Splurrt for $35 per set of three figures, as well as a Skull Head Butt Gorilla collaboration for $110. Take a look at his online shop for these and a few more micros!


Paul Kaiju x TAG exclusives for Medicom Toy

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With this month nearing its end, it once again is time for a slew of new Medicom Toy exclusives, starting with several figures by Paul Kaiju and Toy Art Gallery! Good news first, they can all be purchased by overseas customers at Medicom’s Project 1-6 online shop and are made to order, so now is the time to get your orders in!

Paul Kaiju’s Vertebrata collaboration with Blobpus can be seen in a marvelous “Blueberry Ice” colorway made of pearlescent vinyl for a price of $159, the metallic “Golden Treasure” Slug Beard edition has got a price of $212 and measures 10″ tall, while the “Thirst Quench” Gacha Mini set by Paul retails for $106 and includes all five of the 2.25″ toys. All of them are available until the last day of August and are expected to ship by the end of November this year. Nice!


The Iron Monster by Miscreation Toys

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Currently on display at Lulubell‘s SDCC booth, Jeremi Rimel of Miscreation Toys has revealed the newest soon-to-be-sofubi prototype: The Iron Monster! Sculpted digitally by Adil Muschelewicz aka iamscumbag, it is based on the 1939 serial ”The Phantom Creeps” and stands an impressive 15 inches tall. More information with the approaching release date…


More SDCC 2014 exclusives by Super7

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I might be a little bit late on these, but here we’ve got the remaining exclusives for Super7‘s SDCC 2014 booth #4945! They toys can be purchased for the whole duration of the convention at their booth, as long as supplies last.

Starting with the Bug Splattered Crystal Mecha, it’s made of grey, blue, black, and glow-in-the-dark drip vinyl with paint splattered details for a price of $95 each. As for the “Incredible Eye Keep Watch Mummy Boy” in collaboration with Mishka, it is cast in marbled green and purple vinyl with silver, white green and red details for $65.


Next up is a lovely “Mummy Boy Adventure Set”: including the standard Mummy Boy, Pumpkin Boy and the Keep Watch heads, they’re made of marbled pink and silver-embedded clear vinyl for only $75.


On it goes with the “Volcano Fire” Caveman Dinosaur and the “Burnt Offerings” Honoo! Made of red vinyl and marbled black + metallic copper vinyl respectively, they’re priced at $35 a piece.


What would a good Super7 booth be without a Secret Base collaboration? Their Zombie FrankenObake is made of marbled blue and grey vinyl in a black vinyl suit for a price of $65.


And finally, in addition to the previously revealed Foster, the matching “Cookies and Cream” Pie Guy and Milton figures are made of marbled brown and GID vinyl with price tags of $25 each.


Elegab’s July 2014 lottery!

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As announced earlier, the new Elegab lottery is currently open for applications! With a price of $85 per figure/set, there’s a new Bukiminda colorway on sky blue vinyl, a Kaijin Seijin set on GID vinyl and another Gakkon on glow-in-the-dark vinyl as well, including its little 3-eyed omake. Open until July 26th at 1pm Japan time and shipping in early August, with all the necessary information for your email available at his website, as usual.