Clear Errants colorway by Uhoh Toys

Uhoh Toys are back with a new Errants edition, produced in clear vinyl with blue, pink and gold sprays this time around! Up for pre-order now and shipping in January, they’re limited to an edition of nothing but 5 sets and come priced at $35 plus shipping. Bagged with header card and an additional sticker, the Errants measure around 2.5″ tall!


Oil Spill Sametan by Cometdebris

Koji Harmon of Cometdebris is back with a new Sametan edition: Oil Spill! Made of purple and silver vinyl with black oil splatters, Sametan subscribers will be receiving this piece in the mail soon and all other customers can head over to the online shop with $45 on December 20th at 8pm Pacific to secure one of these little sharks. Additionally, if you place an order for over $100 before December 31st, you’ll receive free shipping for the holiday season!


Elegab one-offs and Bwana Spoons’ Suns of Brodarr at FOE Gallery

FOE Gallery have teamed up with some of their toy friends and dropped a bunch of new stuff at their online store! Among these releases you’ll be able to find Gakkon and Hedogon one-offs by Elegab on orange and green vinyl for $120 each, as well as 4 different variants of Bwana Spoons’ Suns of Brodarr (Jeff, Kamisama, Lonny and Private Hooligan) figures in translucent green vinyl for $45 plus shipping.


Christmas Apple Koningu release by Ummikko

Ummikko will be celebrating the holiday season with a “Christmas Apple” Koningu release this weekend! Made of unpainted green glow-in-the-dark and red soft vinyl, these will go up in the shop on Sunday, December 21st at 4pm CET for only $40 plus shipping. Koningu is made of 4 parts and stands approximately 5.5 inches tall!


Milky purple Slugbeard by Paul Kaiju x Toy Art Gallery

Toy Art Gallery is proud to present the latest edition of Paul Kaiju’s Slugbeard in blank milky-purple vinyl! Measuring 10″ tall and 10″ wide, Slugbeard comes with multiple points of articulation and a wrecking ball accessory with metal chain.

Selling via lottery starting on Friday, December 19th at 12pm PST and ending on Monday, December 22nd at 12pm PST – to participate, send an email to with “Slugbeard Lottery” as the subject along with your PayPal address and shipping info. Good luck!


Leucotomy exclusive Shikabane Kaiju by Blood Guts Toys

UK-based apparel brand Leucotomy have managed to get their hands on an exclusive Shikabane Kaiju colorway by Blood Guts Toys! They’ll be sold at their online shop on December 18th at 11pm GMT for £160 plus shipping and can unfortunately only be purchased by people who live in the UK – unless there’s remaining stock after a period of 12 hours, in which case the leftovers will be offered via lottery to international customers as well, so don’t forget to check back a little after the release. Shikabane Kaiju will be sold blind-bagged and includes a blue chase version!


Lolgolth Gnazgoroth pre-order by Unbox Industries x Skinner has started!

A little bit later than previously anticipated, Unbox Industries have finally launched the pre-order for Skinner’s Lolgolth Gnazgoroth figure at their online store! Available in both unpainted red and black vinyl colors with hand-finished details, Lolly’s size of just under 12 inches is fully packed with an incredible amount of details and small surprises, and will be packaged in a heavy stock tray box. With a price of $125 each, pre-orders can be purchased until December 29th or until the allocated run has been fulfilled!


Solar Stare Ultrus Bog by Skinner and Lulubell Toys

Lulubell Toys and Skinner are getting ready for a new Ultrus Bog pre-order: the “Solar Stare” edition! Available for pre-order at the Lulubell online store on December 16th at Noon Pacific for one week only, the paint master has been designed by Skinner and all pre-orders will be painted by Luke Rook of Grody Shogun. Priced at $85 plus shipping!

“That which only creatures spawned from the million year larval birth of a black hole can know. A birth exploding at immeasurably cold temperatures! Torn apart by gravity and reassembled once more in the body of a dark matter deity. The solar stare that can bend sheets of the universe in half and look beyond. To the end. To the very edge of where nothingness awaits beginning. The solar stare is to see all things end. The quietude of the universe beckons.”


New Chima Group releases, December 2014

Chima Group have just updated their store with a bunch of new toy releases for December! A Wool edition in light blue vinyl is available with dark purple scarf or in a “Magical” colorway with yellow and purple sprays for $15 and $17 respectively, “Pink Cloud” Formal and “Melon Soda” Surprise figures can be yours for $27 and new Parabola in milky-green and vibrant pink vinyl colors will set you back only $24 plus shipping.


Toxigon “Toxic Goldfish” edition by Mutant Vinyl Hardcore

Following the unpainted orange release from DesignerCon in November, Mutant Vinyl Hardcore has been working some spray magic on a run of Toxigon figures of the same vinyl color! Painted in a vintage homage of burgundy, gold, silver and black colors, this “Toxic Goldfish” edition of 25 pieces includes the Fish Stick weapon, a sticker and a pin (no Mackerel Mouth omake included this time). With a price of $200 plus shipping, the 24-hour lottery can now be entered via the MVH website and ends today, December 12th at 11:59pm Eastern Time. Good luck!


Dr. Mirock Animation color set by Mirock Toy

Mirock Toy have started accepting orders for a new Dr. Mirock set, the “Animation Color” version! International customers can buy the whole bunch of 6 pieces for $175 plus shipping, whereas Japanese customers can purchase smaller sets at $60 and downwards – painted with a variety of pink, blue and silver sprays with black rub details, orders can now be sent via email until Sunday, December 14th and if the amount of orders exceed the available quantity, the sets are going to be sold by lottery. Head over to the Mirock Toy blog for the full information on what to include in your email!


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