Gabogirass debut by Gumtaro x One-Up

As announced in June, One-Up have released the first edition of Gumtaro’s latest sofubi figure: Gabogirass! Cast in army-green vinyl, this two-headed kaiju measures 5″ in height and is made of two parts for nothing but $21 plus shipping.


Another recent addition to One-Up’s online store is this new Gajyolla colorway on glow-in-the-dark vinyl, designed by Gumtaro as well! Painted by Goto-san with pearly-pastel sprays, they retail for $29 and can be, as usual, ordered by international customers via email.


Toyful exclusive Astro Unkotsu by Goccodo

Celebrating their fifth year in existence, Japanese online store Toyful are proud to announce their latest exclusive: an Astro Unkotsu colorway by Goccodo! Painted with a simple combination of purple and green sprays over GID vinyl with some more colors for the details, Astro Unkotsu stands about 10″ tall and has got a price tag of $77. Releasing on September 5th at 8pm Japan time, they unfortunately only ship to Japan, but since it’s a Rakuten shop, you shouldn’t encounter too many issues while searching for an appropriate  forwarding service.


Red Rub Vertebrata by Toy Art Gallery

New from Paul Kaiju x Blobpus and Toy Art Gallery comes the Red Rub Vertebrata! Painted with metallic sprays over deep red vinyl, Vertebrata stands 8″ tall and is articulated at the head, shoulders, hands and waist and has been priced at just $85 plus shipping. Sold via lottery, you can send your email to with “Vertebrata Lottery” as the subject along with your PayPal address and shipping info before Monday, August 31st at Noon PST. Good luck!


New Zombie Imp by Cometdebris and Super7

Originally released in translucent green vinyl back in 2008 and during the 2009 S7 Lucky Bags in very limited quantities, Super7 and Cometdebris have returned with a new Zombie Imp release after quite a few years! Part of the “Snakes of Infinity” series, Koji Harmon’s version features a zombie Kappa head on top of Super7′s fighter body and stands around 4.25″ tall. Cast in a mixture of black and green vinyl, this Cometdebris exclusive edition is currently up for grabs at their online store for $50 plus shipping, with just a few pieces remaining right now!


Iron Meat debut by Restore

After the new Darts figure debuted about a month ago, Restore are ready to launch yet another brand new toy: Iron Meat! Instead of offering them via open pre-order like the last release, this first colorway will be sold via lottery through a few select online stores; Iron Meat measures about 7″ in height and comes complete with multiple points of articulation, detachable hands and clear vinyl parts for the brain and belly area. Pretty cool!

The lotteries are open until September 8th and all of the necessary information can be found at the participating shops, that being Mintyfresh (110€), Lulubell Toys ($75) and Pop Soda (¥9720).

lottery-iron-meat-sfb-by-junnosuke-abe lottery-iron-meat-sfb-by-junnosuke-abe-2

Milky-white Antichrist 666 by Frank Mysterio

Frank Mysterio‘s back with another unpainted Antichrist 666 edition, returning in lovely milky-white vinyl this time around! Measuring the usual 7″ in height and including articulation in the neck and arms, they’ve been priced at $65 and are limited to nothing but 10 pieces altogether. Be sure to head over to his store as soon as possible, as there are a few clear vinyl customs with inside paint waiting for new homes as well!


Hyouga King debut by Elegab

As promised in early July, this month’s Elegab lottery has just begun and includes the debut of the new Hyouga King figure! Coming in sky blue vinyl with a size of 8.25″, Hyouga King is made of 7 different parts and comes priced at nothing but $65 plus shipping. Accompanying the first colorway of this frosty ice age monster is a new edition of Gakkon, cast in crystal-clear vinyl with a lovely combination of colorful and metallic sprays with a $65 price tag as well. Head over to the Elegab site before August 22nd at 8:30am Japan time for further information on what to include in your email entry!


Milky-white Keronga at One-Up

One-Up have just released the latest version of Takepico’s Keronga figure at their online store! A collaborative effort between Noriya Takeyama and Pico Pico, Keronga’s got a size of approximately 3″ and is made of two vinyl parts – this particular version has been painted with dark grey and turquoise sprays over lovely, milky-white vinyl and goes for nothing but $20 plus shipping. As always, interested parties from outside of Japan should send their orders to as soon as possible!


Golden glitter Xolotl by GEEK, Angel Abby exclusive

Hong Kong based retailer Angel Abby is proud to announce their latest exclusive: Xolotl, the Aztec God of Death and Lightning by GEEK! Cast in golden glitter-infused vinyl which appears to have been painted with a darker rub, Xolotl measures close to 12″ in height and is currently available via a rather short lottery until August 16th at Noon Hong Kong time. If you want to participate, you’ll have to email your name, address and telephone number to within the next few hours – priced at $235 plus shipping!


Zoromederu by Anraku Ansaku, Medicom Toy exclusive

After the highly successful re-launch of Anraku Ansaku’s Gogamejira during last month’s exclusive batch, the second round of Medicom Toy exclusive editions from the legendary toy maker is to follow at the 24th of August, focussing on the Zoromederu figure this time around! More widely known by the name of Dako, all 3 versions of this charming weirdo will be available for open pre-order until the end of September and have been priced at $23 for the small pink version of 3″, $31 for the slightly taller red/green guy with a size of 4.75″, while the full-sized variant has got a $135 price tag and measures just a tad unter 12″ tall. Estimated to be shipped in late December this year and open to worldwide orders – fun!


Target Earth’s Lowbrow Golem debut

Originally teased over one and a half years ago, the Lowbrow Golem sofubi by Target Earth is now available for pre-order for customers all over the world! Inspired by Marmit’s Para Baby Dustman, it measures about 11″ tall and will be available until August 19th or until a certain quantity has been reached. Japanese buyers can order theirs by email for ¥15.000 (incl. shipping) via the Target Earth blog, whereas people from overseas countries will have to contact their forwarding service at and will have to pay ¥20.000 (approx. $161) plus shipping. Expected delivery in September!


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