Rotten-X lottery by Zectron and Eric Nilla

Zectron and Eric Nilla have joined forces for the newest colorway of the Rotten-X figure! Including a body by Skull Head Butt and featuring a head which has been designed by Triclops Studios and sculpted by Zextron, this release has been painted by Jon of Rampage Toys over milky light pink vinyl with red lamé in an edition of only 5 pieces. Eric Nilla created a four-piece header card with sliding window and to top it all off, each toy includes 3 additional golden keshi minis: Zectron’s Critter, a Cheestroyer by Bad Teeth Comics and a Rise Of the Beasts Cahriv figure by Plastic Imagination!

Priced at only $95 plus shipping, interested parties should send an email with their information to before Saturday for a chance at winning one of these!


Morgogg and Ogos Medicom Toy exclusives by Skinner

Skinner‘s newly released Morgogg and Ogos figures have joined the ranks of this month’s Medicom exclusives, too! Sculpted by David Arshawsky with a size of just under 13″, they have been priced at $190 a piece and feature multiple points of articulation, as well as a club accessory. Sold via lottery from now until April 10th at 11:59pm Japan time and shipping in late April!


Jyujin Omega “White” by Medicom Toy x GEEK! and Dream Rocket

Debuted at the Dokidoki Osaka festival last week in different colors, Medicom Toy are proud to present the online release of the new Jyujin Omega figure by One-Up! Created in collaboration with GEEK! and Yajima Junichi of Dream Rocket, who had also been involved in the previous mini version of this figure, this “White” Omega version will be sold by lottery and measures close to 12″ tall with 4 points of articulation. Priced at $168 plus shipping, you’ll be able to enter the lottery until April 10th at 11:59pm Japan time and if you manage to win, your piece will delivered in late April this year.


Medicom Toy exclusive Oni-Tsubaki by Restore

The Medicom Toy exclusives for March 2015 have been announced and I’ll be starting it off with the first online edition of Restore’s new Oni-Tsubaki variant of the Neo Japan figure! Available via open pre-order for customers all over the globe, it’s been painted over red vinyl base and has got a price tag of roughly $84 plus shipping. You can purchase them until May 1st and they’re expected to be sent out in late July this year!


Alavaka x Scarecrowoven release

Devil’s Head Productions and New York-based illustrator Scarecrowoven have joined forces for a new Alavaka release, which is currently up for grabs at both of their online stores! Coming in two different versions which have been painted by the respective artist over marbled vinyl, there are a few different packages to choose from: buy nothing but the toy for $60, the toy with 5-color silk screenprint with silver and GID ink for $99 (or the print itself for $55), or $115 for the full package with additional t-shirt.

alla04 alaprint

Lifesize Sludgedemon DX by Mutant Vinyl Hardcore and Toy Art Gallery

Toy Art Gallery have teamed up with toy designer extraordinaire Rich Montanari of Mutant Vinyl Hardcore for the newest addition to their line of lifesize figures: the Sludgedemon DX! Produced in matte black fiberglass in homage to Bounty Hunter’s black Kun sculpt, this first edition has been released during last weekend’s “Full Resin Vinyl” show at TAG and has now made its way to their online shop – limited to 10 pieces, it’s priced a little lower than the usual price range for their lifesize figures, as it’s a bit smaller than the others. $1500 is the price for the regular edition, while an additional $500 will get you an optional Sam Heinous head!


Elegab’s March 2015 lottery + Tatsumakira debut

Elegab‘s lottery for March has started and includes the first online release of the new Tatsumakira figure! Released in red vinyl at last weekend’s show in Osaka already, this silly Tornado Kaiju has got a whirlwind for a body, waves for legs and lightning bolts for hands – including tiny details on its upper body sculpt, a cow, pig, house, tree and human have already fallen victim to Elegab’s newest member of his imaginary tokusatsu series. Cast in either yellow or purple vinyl with a size of 9″, Tatsumakira has been priced at $67 and is available alongside a new Monster Patrol Car with random mini passenger for the same price. Lottery’s open until March 29th at 8:30am Japan time with all of the necessary information being available here. Good luck!

tky01_w tkp01_w-1 kp12_w

New goodies at the Yamomark online store

Yamomark have re-opened both their international and Japanese online stores with a bunch of new goodies! Mrs. Zangira makes an appearance in unpainted red and grey vinyl and has got the same price tag as the blank red Fully Grown Cosmegira, that being $50, whereas the full-size Gorgonzola returns with black and light brown sprays over red base for $60 each. With a little bit of luck, we might be seeing a few Dokidoki Osaka leftovers in the online shop soon, as well as our first possibility to grab the new Chinpira figure outside of the event!


Dokidoki Osaka exclusive Bigfoot at Lulubell Toys

Alright, here’s me trying to catch up with things that recently happened, starting with a new Bigfoot colorway by IWA Japan and TTToy! Sold during the Dokidoki Osaka event last weekend, Lulubell Toys have managed to grab a few additional pieces for their online store – standing approximately 4.25″ tall, it’s been cast in black vinyl with blue metallic sprays and comes priced at $30 plus shipping.


Will be back soon!

I apologize for the lack of posts recently, I’ve been pretty busy with work and there probably won’t be any posts over the course of this weekend. I’ll be back on Monday or Tuesday – see you soon!

Fake Baron minis by Awesome Toy

Awesome Toy are proud to announce yet another debut: the Fake Baron mini set! Available for pre-order via the Toy Underground shop, they come in 4 different versions, that being a micro finger puppet (1.5″), a 4.25″ finger puppet and “Pendant Style” mini, as well as a regular mini with a size of 3.15″. Prices range from $15 to $30 each, and if you chose to buy the entire set of 4 pieces, you’d be saving $10 altogether, making it $90 plus shipping. Cast from the same red vinyl as the standard-sized Fake Baron, they’re expected to ship around the end of April and come bagged with headers.


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