Xolotl, Aztec God of Death and Lightning by Pico Pico and GEEK!

Pre-released a few weeks ago at a convention in Tokyo, Medicom Toy have got an all new figure up for grabs this month: Xolotl, the Aztec God of Death and Lightning! Sculpted by Pico Pico and produced in collaboration with GEEK, Xolotl measures close to a towering 12″ in height and is currently available for open pre-order here until July 1st for buyers all over the globe. Priced at approximately $160 and planned to be shipped in late September this year!


Nannou by Delta Vinyl, Medicom Toy exclusive

After having been released in clear vinyl at the recent Mandarake Siryosei expo, Japanese newcomer Delta Vinyl have partnered up with Medicom Toy for the first painted colorway of their new Nannou (Nano) figure! Made of glow-in-the-dark vinyl, this silly little fella stands around 6.25″ tall and includes a capsule accessory, having been priced at just $54 plus shipping. Nannou will be sold by lottery and can be applied for until the 10th of June, shipping out by the end of the same month.


New Secret Base release: Miss Mysterious and Ooze-it

Secret Base have been pretty busy with new releases over the past few weeks, returning with new Miss Mysterious and Ooze-it editions at their online store! The “Willard” Miss Mysterious has been painted over white vinyl for $74 each and includes a secret chase version, whereas the Ooze-it “Earth” colorway appears to be made of blue glitter-infused vinyl with green and gold sprays and has got a size of just over 8 inches. Compared to previous releases, the $107 price tag is quite a bit lower and if this lovely color combination has caught your interest, be sure to head over to the Secret Base store in time (or send an email, if you’re outside of Japan).

IMG_3471 IMG_3480

“Cheap Toy” release by Bukimi Blasters

Shigeo Endo of Bukimi Blasters has been working on several mixed-parts one-offs: the “Cheap Toys” release! Consisting of Evil Demon, Bukimi Kun and a few mash-ups from both figures, they’re made from various vinyl colors and include a few painted arms and heads, each having been priced at $99 plus shipping and including a “Mr. Raw Head” omake. Available online now!

DSC01462 DSC01456 DSC01450

Orange Lava Rose Vampire and 2015 Lucky Bags by Super7

Super7 have announced the release of a new Rose Vampire and this year’s Lucky Bag! Cast in translucent orange vinyl with a subtle clear red paint fade and white and blue painted details, the “Orange Lava” Rose Vampire will be dropping at their online store on May 28th at Noon PST for $35 each, whereas the Super7 team will be celebrating their 14th anniversary with the 2015 Lucky Bags on June 13th at 7pm. More details coming soon!

rv_orange_blg lb1

Fancy Train second edition by Zollmen

Zollmen have started accepting pre-orders for the second edition of their new Fancy Train mini series! For sale as sets of 3 pieces for $65 respectively, as well as the single engine with conductor for $43, orders can be placed here from all over the globe until May 25th at Noon Japan time. Shipping from mid-September to October this year!


New Elegab lottery, May 2015

Nari-san, also known as Elegab, is back with a new triple release for this month’s lottery! His new Tatumakira has been cast in translucent green vinyl and includes painted debris and animal details on its torso, while the city monster Dancheera has been painted over light brown vinyl and Gakkon, the living school building/ground, features metallic sprays on black vinyl. Priced at only $66 each, you can apply for one or multiple pieces until May 24th at 8:30am Japan time and if you choose to get all 3, you’ll be receiving one of two Kaiju Boys for free!


New Chima Group releases, May 2015

Chima Group have returned with a bunch of new releases at their online store! Four kinds of toys have made their way to the shop: an orange and a “Marigold” Wool for $15 each, three different Formals with price tags of $25 a piece, as well as vibrant pink Surprise and Panini colorways for nothing but $25 and $22 respectively. As always, Chima Group have got a store for customers in Japan and a page for overseas customers!


Green blank release by Splurrt

Having listened to fan requests for some more unpainted runs, Splurrt has organized a trifecta of blank green figures for a release on Sunday, May 17th at 12pm Eastern Time! Consisting of Usir, the Evolved Beast Diggler and the new Walking Cadaver variant of his Twins sculpt, they have been cast in green Pantone 7733 vinyl and have not yet had their pricing announced, so make sure to arrive at the Splurrt store in time to see for yourself!

7733_cadaver 7733_evolved

M.P.S.B. Lamé release by Secret Base

Secret Base have released a second mixed-parts Brain release, returning in various lamé-infused colors this time around! Including red, silver, gold and “prism” vinyls with a multitude of different head and arm sculpts, they’re currently being sold blind-bagged for $46 each with a size of around 4.25″. As always, customers in Japan can use their online store directly, while people from other countries will have to place their order by email.


Nenne, Chi-Chi and Nei online release by Baketan

Cherri Polly of the creative duo Baketan has announced a whole bunch of new editions for their recently launched online store! They’re celebrating this launch with a very limited edition of Nenne figures in gold and silver colors with a price tag of $70 for the set of two, and have got 4 additional Nenne, Chi-Chi and Nei colorways for $35 each, as well as a few “Evil” one-offs with dark metallic sprays for $90 a piece.

Measuring around 4″ tall, they’ll be available for overseas customers tomorrow, March 15th at 1pm Japan time!

g_s01 00001chichi01 evnei01

“Throwback” show by James Groman and Nathan Jurevicius at Toy Art Gallery

This month’s show at Toy Art Gallery features the work of James Groman and Nathan Jurevicius, opening this Saturday, May 16th at 7pm! Titled “Throwback”, several original drawings, limited prints and vinyl toy customs will be heading to the event, and Nathan’s first sofubi figure, the Owl Clam, will be making its debut at the show as well (pink test pull shown below). As for James, his new mini figure series, the B.C. Blasters, will be on display before heading to Japan for production sometime later, with an estimated vinyl release in fall!


Soprano colorway by Angel Abby x Cojica Toys

Angel Abby and Cojica Toys have teamed up for the third time, presenting an exclusive Soprano colorway! Following the last two releases with a combination of vibrant colors, they’ll be sold at their retail store on May 15th from 19:30 to 21:30, while some more pieces will be heading to their online shop at midnight on May 16th, Hong Kong time. Expect a price of around $50-60!


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