Unpainted Glow Neo Japan by Restore, red sword edition

After the successful sellout of the limited NYCC release of Restore‘s Neo Japan in GID vinyl, Lulubell Toys have managed to get their hands on another edition, which is currently available for pre-order at their webshop! Unlike the convention-exclusive version, this one comes with a green Honcho Knife for $90 as well and has already sold out in Japan, making this your last opportunity to grab one of these as long as in-transit supplies last.


Walking Cadaver release by Splurrt, Mishka exclusive

After having appeared as one-off for the first time during Toy Art Gallery’s Halloween show last week, Splurrt‘s new “Walking Cadaver” head sculpt for the Cadaver Twins body is ready to have its first full run released as an exclusive for the Mishka store in Brooklyn, New York! Dropping at their location next Wednesday, October 29th at 7pm for a price of $135 each, they come with an illustrated header card by L’amour Supreme as well as a t-shirt from Mishka and are all unique variants, as they’ve all been painted with different hair colors. These beautiful shots have been taken by Toy As Object, be sure to head over to their site for additional picture goodness!


Dentetsu-jin by Kikkake

Here comes another head sculpt and addition to Kikkake‘s line-up of vintage-inspired toys: Dentetsu-jin! Translated as “Railway Man/People” and quite reminiscent of a certain Tank Engine named Thomas, the new head fits their smaller Iron body and as the first edition appears to be painted already, this colorway is probably going to be released rather sooner than later – stay tuned!


Marbled Halloween Pickle Babies by Leecifer

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Leecifer release a new Pickle Baby edition, but now he’s returned with a new version just in time for Halloween! Releasing this Friday, October 24th around Noon, not all of them will be available at once, as small batches will be dropping during the days to come – so if you missed the first release, you might still get lucky afterwards. Pickle Baby stands around 8″ tall, has been cast in swirled orange and black vinyl and is probably going to sell for $60 or slightly upwards.


New Chima Group sculpt!

Continuing their quest for cuteness, Chima Group will be presenting their new sculpt to the upcoming Design Festa vol. 40 crowd on November 8th/9th! Currently unnamed, they appear to only plan on showing the test shot and might not have a first colorway ready in time. But hey, an online release for this lovely fella will probably happen not too far in the future!


In other Chima Group news, it seems I have missed their last online release in September, fortunately all of the 3 figures below are still available: their “Crayong” Tengallon and pink-collar Parabola are cast in greenish-milky vinyl, whereas the Panda colorway of their Surprise crab croquette has been painted on white vinyl for around $26 each. Yay!


New Skulltula and 10B Factory releases at Jungle

Jungle will be releasing new colorways from Skulltula and 10B Factory at their online shop on October 25th at 1pm Japan Standard Time! Skulltula’s lovely Baby Skeleton Gaikochu Soldier will be available in matte vinyl colors and 10B Factory’s Moguming is to be sold in lavender-colored vinyl, while their Moguring figure has been cast in a yellowish color. All of them come priced within the affordable range of $10-$25 and usually have fair international shipping costs as well – be sure to head over to the respective shop pages (Japanese here and English here) in time to avoid disappointment, as their quantities are generally quite limited.


The Disarticulators’ OG “Ooze-It Green” sofubi Oozeball pre-order

The Disarticulators have shared the release details for their all new Oozeball sofubi toy – starting this Friday, October 24th at 9pm GMT, they’ll be available for open pre-order at the Man-E-Toys store for one month and are expected to ship in late January/early February next year! Measuring a little over 3 inches tall and true to its Ooze-it roots, the “OG” (original) colorway will be cast in unpainted deep green (picture below is only a preview) and super-squishy vinyl and is priced at only $50, including worldwide shipping. This will be the only pre-order for this toy as all of the future editions will be limited runs, so you better get one while you can!

Oozeball Preorder Promo

But that’s not all for this Friday: on top of the pre-order, they’ll be releasing all of their remaining NYCC goodies at the same time. The Ooze and Stretch “Monster on Your Finger” Rings, the Rotten Tomato resin prototype and lots of Keshi figures await you!

NYCC online sales promo

SEGA Retrogame Sofubi Collection: second Aggar colorway

Before releasing their new Space Harrier Mammoth into the wild, Geek Life have returned with a second Aggar colorway, the “Crystal Clear Red & Black Megadrive Battle Damaged Edition”! Part of their SEGA Retrogame Sofubi Collection, it appears to not have been painted at all and instead comes in a fascinating combination of translucent red vinyl with a second, double-poured black vinyl layer on its inside, giving it a certain feeling of depth while hightlighting the sculpts’ details. Aggar stands approximately 9.5″ tall and is now available for pre-order through Geek Life for the price of $111 plus shipping – buyers in Japan can simply use their online shop, whereas overseas customers are expected to either send them an email with their order (details here), or can more conveniently buy it at the Blackbook Toy online store until October 28th.


Clutter’s NYCC 2014 leftovers

Clutter have just released their NYCC leftovers at their online store! There’s the Greasebat Plush by Lana Crooks in collaboration with Jeff Lamm, measuring 11″ tall and priced at $275 in an edition of only 5 pieces, also Jeff’s Battle Damaged M5 Bravo is available in unpainted brown vinyl for $50, as well as the new 7.5″ Neo Japan figure by Restore in glow-in-the-dark vinyl, priced at $110 and limited to an edition of only 10 pieces worldwide.


Toy Art Gallery’s 2014 Halloween show leftovers

Toy Art Gallery have just released all of the remaining leftovers from their Halloween show at their online store – for all of the products, be sure to head over to their site for 16 pages of unique toy and art goodness, as well as Splurrt’s new Broken Bones figure ($60), the yellow Doublethink by TKOM ($166) and the new sofubi by Kenth Toy Works, the Crossbones Zombie, in black and gray vinyl for a price of $125 each.


Original Sleepwalker (Nimbus) colorway by Kurobokan

Earlier this year, we got to see the first test shot of Kurobokan and Paulus Hyu’s Sleepwalker (Nimbus) soft vinyl toy, and while the first edition in unpainted flesh color had been sold at Taipei Toy Festival this month, the “Original” colorway is scheduled to be released on Halloween Night! Dropping at the Kurobokan online shop on October 31st at 10pm PST, Sleepwalker stands 6.5″ tall and has been sculpted by Chauskoskis. Cast in black Japanese vinyl with grey brushwork and yellow eyes, this edition of 30 pieces comes with a header illustration by Javier Jimenez and will be priced at $85 plus shipping.


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