Peanut Butter micros and Fighter the 13th by Super7

Super7‘s Mummy Boy mascot and the adorable Rose Vampire are set to return on January 29th at Noon PST! Made of unpainted, peanut butter colored soft vinyl in their micro size editions, they’ll be priced at nothing but $10 each. In other Super7 news, there’s going to be another collaboration with Secret Base for their Fighter the 13th release on February 13th – most likely priced at $65 each, we can assume they’ll be sold in blind bags and made of various mixed-parts vinyls.


Maguran Seijin by Marmit

Medicom Toy have joined forces with their longtime collaborator Marmit once again, presenting another Maguran Seijin colorway on brown vinyl! From what I know, it appears to be a re-release of a past edition – standing approximately 8.5″ tall, it’s scheduled to be shipped by late May 2015 with a $50 price tag and can be ordered by customers all over the globe right here.


Clementine by Kathie Olivas

Circus Posterus continue their journey to the fields of soft vinyl with the newest member of their family: Clementine by Kathie Olivas! Sculpted by Yohei of Mirock Toy, Clementine is their first sofubi figure which features additional articulation in the arms, waist and includes a removable rabbit puppet for its hands. While Kathie is busy finalizing the final color versions, we can expect the first edition to arrive sometime in the next few weeks…


Snotblower “Verdigris” edition by Pushead

Originally debuted during the Hyperstoic event during November last year as a “Copper” version, Pushead’s new Snotblower toy is now available via the Hyperstoic website in a “Verdigris” colorway! Sculpted by Cosmo Liquid and produced in collaboration with Medicom Toy, it’s made of soft vinyl and ABS plastic and measures 10.25″ in size. Priced at $165 for US orders and $200 for international customers (shipping included for both), they’re limited to one piece per person and will most likely be gone soon!


The Sextopigon debut by Skinner and Unbox Industries, Medicom Toy exclusive

With January nearing its end, Medicom Toy have anounced a new batch of exclusives for this month, starting off with the debut of the Sextopigon figure by Skinner and Unbox Industries! Available for customers all over the globe right here, Sextopigon has been sculpted by David Arshawsky with a size of approximately 8 inches and can be ordered for $102 until March 1st. Expected to be shipped in late May 2015!


Mixed glow Skull and Astro Brains by Secret Base

Secret Base have returned with a mixed-parts Skull and Astro Brain release! Sold blind-bagged for $46 plus shipping, they’re made of clear, milky and various kinds of glow-in-the-dark vinyl and even include the debut of their “white glow” color in some bags, as well as a few brains within clear bodies if you’re lucky! Standing a tad over 4″ tall, international customers can send their orders via email to with all of the necessary information available here. They won’t be lasting for too long, however!


Drizzleshits pre-order by Bwana Spoons

Bwana‘s latest addition to the Suns of Brodarr series, Drizzleshits, has landed safely in Japan and is getting ready for the sofubi transformation! To help him raise money for the production process, there won’t be a Kickstarter like last time, but instead Bwana will be accepting various kinds of pre-orders through the Gravy Toys online store – right now, you can buy the unpainted glow version of Drizz for only $40 plus shipping (or $66 for the painted DX colorway, both of which include a mini print and stickers) and once 40 pieces have been sold, the translucent brown/rootbeer edition will be unlocked and can then be purchased as well. After some more orders, new sculpts by collaborators will start making their way to the shop: 50 pieces and Skinner’s glow version will be unlocked and is going to receive a rootbeer color after 75 orders as well. Once the 100 mark has been hit, Koji Harmon’s (Cometdebris) figure will be available in both colors. Both sculpts should be revealed sometime in the near future!

Get your first order in before Friday, January 23rd and you’ll be receiving a signed and numbered “Eyebora” mascot with your purchase for free, which will be another two-piece vinyl sculpt and is somewhere between a micro and a mini toy in size. Eyebora has not been revealed as of yet, but you can see a little drawing of what it’s going to look like on the right – don’t sleep on these!

“Drizzleshits is an out of this world ninja assassin from the Planet Brodarr. He uses his sharp talons to slice and dice (shhhh, don’t say dice too loud), and his honey dripper to slow his prey down, and depending on the virtues of the outer shell, let’s say human skin for instance, melt what it comes in contact with. The honey dripper goo is a little spicy.”


More King Negora Glow action from Max Toy Co

Since Max Toy Co‘s last glow-in-the-dark King Negora was sold in such limited numbers, Mark Nagata has decided to offer another version for open pre-order this time! Expected to ship sometime around late February/early March this year, you can either buy the painted edition for $140 (shown are photoshopped sample colors only), or the blank version for $130 plus shipping. King Negora measures 10″ tall by about 7″ wide and long.


Interview with Toy Art Gallery’s Gino Joukar by MCAL

Since news are happening a little bit slowly these days on Lowbrownie, here’s something you might be interested in spending a few minutes of your day on – Anthony Godinez sent me this video of an interview with Toy Art Gallery’s Gino Joukar, presented by MCAL. In case you haven’t seen it yet, I’d say it’s definitely worth watching, even if it’s only for the nice collection shots!

OG-AT & Mirocloneputer “Kurama Houshi” set by Mirock Toy

Mirock Toy have launched a new Dr. Mirock set and, more importantly, are proud to present the first painted edition of the new OG-AT & Mirocloneputer “Kurama Houshi” set in vinyl! Available to customers in Japan and the rest of the world in different set options, they’ve been produced in red vinyl and painted with colorful metallic sprays. Mirock Toy will be accepting orders until Sunday, Japan 19th (Japan time) via email and if you’re interested in buying the “New Year” Dr. Mirock set for $175 or the Kurama Houshi two-figure set for $95, be sure to head over to their blog for further details as soon as possible. If the amount of orders exceed the planned stock, they’ll be sold via lottery.


Angel Abby exclusive Rangeas by T9G

Although some had already been sold via lottery to Angel Abby followers a few days ago, a second batch of the exclusive Rangeas colorway by T9G is going to be make its way to the T9G online shop on January 18th at 10pm Japan time! The good news is that he’s recently started to accept orders from overseas countries and if you’re willing to spend somewhere around $80 for this fella, be sure to head to his store in time to avoid frustration.


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