Abominox and other non-SDCC things by Skinner

While Skinner decided to take a break from all the Comic Con madness this year, he will still be releasing a whole bunch of stuff at his online shop on Friday, July 10th at Noon PST with the “Not at Comic Con” sale! The whole line-up of goodies has been announced at his blog and consists of various silk screen prints, all-over screen printed t-shirts, a bunch of lurker sets and the first release of the “Abominox” mash-up with the Morgogg/Ogos body and one of the Krawluss heads. Abominox stands 12.5″ tall, includes two clubs and is limited to an edition of 20 blank figures with a price tag of $150 plus shipping. Enter the discount code “PARTY” during checkout and save 10% on all shirts and prints from Friday through Sunday!


“Debuting for the first time ever! Abominox the forgotten one. Betrayed by the laughing gods in the sky, left to decay in the frozen northern wastes of some lonely hell! Abominox has one echoing thought pulsing in his screaming mind…Revenge! Revenge on those who left him to die! He will get it…It may take a millennia but he will have it.”


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