Angel Abby exclusive Techno Loaders by Ilu Ilu

Hong Kong based toy retailer Angel Abby have joined forces with the elusive Ilu Ilu once again, presenting two exclusive editions of the Techno Loaders! Debuted at Super Festival 68 in April, the incredibly detailed Commander Victor figure measures approx. 7.5″ tall and comes shipped in a window display with 4 different micro toys with a size of around one inch. Made of yellow/orange and grey vinyl, their torsos have been produced in translucent green and clear vinyl respectively and have got price tags of $330 per colorway.

Sold by lottery for the whole duration of November 7th Hong Kong time, interested parties can send an email to, including “Exclusive Techno Loaders” in the subject along with your wanted color (orange, black, or both) and your name, address, phone and PayPal address in the body. Hong Kong residents can head over to their retail shop tomorrow instead – full info here!


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