Aoba by T9G x Konatsu

There have been quite a few Negora releases by Konatsu during the past few months, ranging from micros to the Medicom Toy porcelain editions and even a new full-size sculpt, but now we get to witness a very special collaboration by Konatsu with Japanese toy designer T9G: the “Aoba” variant of her Negora design! Sculpted by T9G and having originally seen the light of day during a show at Qpop in the US (if I remember correctly), Aoba appears to be similar in size and the first black and white editions are currently being offered for pre-sale to visitors of this weekend’s Art Toy Culture event in Korea. Here’s hoping for an online release soon!


In other Konatsu news, she’ll be heading to the Hang Gang booth at ToyCon UK next week, where she’ll be bringing lots of paintings and exclusives along, such as these translucent pink Negora sets with silver lamé!


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