Astro-Mu 5 re-issue by Medicom Toy and Galaxy People

While Super7 already took care of bringing back Nakajima’s Astro-Mu 5 minis a few months ago, Medicom Toy have now collaborated with The Galaxy People for a reproduction of the classic, full-sized toys – starting with the rivalling Ultra Earth and Devil Bado figures! With a height of 10″, their paint applications are almost identical to the original 70′s line and they have been cast in translucent yellow vinyl. Including a removable helmet/head for Devil Bado, glittery-golden pipes in their limbs as well as a button on the back and chest for all the yes/no head action you’ve always longed for, they’ll set you back around $120-135 each, depending on where you order them from.

Available until December 5th via open pre-order through Medicom Toy directly, as well as a few select online shops such as Toy Art Gallery or Lulubell Toys. Shipping in late April 2016!


2 thoughts on “Astro-Mu 5 re-issue by Medicom Toy and Galaxy People”

  1. Heavily inspired by vintage toys such as Astro-Mu 5, the line features a total of 4 very different “trans-human” characters; Erewhon, Vinge, Neuman and Kurzweil; each coming with an ingenious removable torso that reveals a fifth “super computer” character named Allesh inside.

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