Blobpus x Dol Roffo “Jellyfish” Dokugan lottery

Blobpus has returned with yet another lottery, collaborating with Japanese knitting artist Dol Roffo for a new and exciting “Jellyfish” Dokugan edition! While the latter one has been taking care of the white jellyfish mask, Blobpus has been painting the vinyl body with a tasty combination of purple, blue and silver sprays and if you’re willing to spend the more-than-appropriate sum of $91 for one of these, you should send your lottery application out as soon as possible (full info here).

And if the Dokugan run didn’t catch your fancy, maybe one of these other 7 one-off pieces will? With prices ranging from $104 for the Bogura to $302 for the Enma, Blobpus has been taking on several toys from Max Toy Co, Yamomark and Mutant Vinyl Hardcore for your viewing and, if you’re a little lucky, buying pleasure.


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