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Dust Catcher is here!

Hey toy people! Glad to announce that Dust Catcher – our magazine about contemporary character design, illustration and collectibles – is finally available for purchase! In terms of toy-related stuff, we’ve got exclusive interviews with Elegab, Pepe Hiller, and Case Studyo. You can also follow us Instagram, where we’ll announce our exclusive release of Elegab’s Meteorg soon.

210 x 275 mm
96 pages
Printed on uncoated paper
Cover with translucent paper sheet

Volume #1 includes interviews with:

Acne JR
Case Studyo
Cleon Peterson (courtesy of Plus-One)
Irma Gruenholz
Joakim Ojanen
Pepe Hiller
Troy Coulterman












New Lifesize sculptures at Toy Art Gallery

Even though Toy Art Gallery will unfortunately be closing their retail space by the end of this month, their online store and toy production will be continuing as usual, as they’ve just dropped a whole bunch of new lifesize editions and (online) debuts here! Witness the first editions of their Karakasa Obake collaboration with Three Tides Tattoo’s Hiroshi, as well as new colors for the Mutant Vinyl Hardcore Sludge Demon DX, Splurrt’s Cadaver Twins, Ron English’s Little Big Foot, Brian Flynn’s Doku Rocker and T9G’s Rangeas. The sculptures range from $1500 to $2800 and will have to be shipped by freight!

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Twisted Planet at Toy Art Gallery

Toy Art Gallery‘s current exhibition, “Twisted Planet”, features the works of Cometdebris, Galaxy People, Joseph Harmon and Martin Ontiveros and has now made its way to their online store! Twisted Planet marks the debut of several new sofubi figures: Joseph Harmon’s “Wolf Thing Bat Mother” comes in green vinyl with a price tag of $35, whereas the new “Chungaloids” have been produced in unpainted glow-in-the-dark vinyl for $55 per set.


The Magi Maleficarum set by Martin Ontiveros, previously seen as a resin release a few months ago, makes its debut in unpainted GID sofubi as well and is up for grabs for $45 each.


Be sure to head over to the TAG store as soon as possible for a lovely selection of one-offs, micro runs, prints and originals by all 4 artists, as long as they’re still available!


Abominox and other non-SDCC things by Skinner

While Skinner decided to take a break from all the Comic Con madness this year, he will still be releasing a whole bunch of stuff at his online shop on Friday, July 10th at Noon PST with the “Not at Comic Con” sale! The whole line-up of goodies has been announced at his blog and consists of various silk screen prints, all-over screen printed t-shirts, a bunch of lurker sets and the first release of the “Abominox” mash-up with the Morgogg/Ogos body and one of the Krawluss heads. Abominox stands 12.5″ tall, includes two clubs and is limited to an edition of 20 blank figures with a price tag of $150 plus shipping. Enter the discount code “PARTY” during checkout and save 10% on all shirts and prints from Friday through Sunday!


“Debuting for the first time ever! Abominox the forgotten one. Betrayed by the laughing gods in the sky, left to decay in the frozen northern wastes of some lonely hell! Abominox has one echoing thought pulsing in his screaming mind…Revenge! Revenge on those who left him to die! He will get it…It may take a millennia but he will have it.”


Brodarrfest at FOE Gallery

Bwana Spoons and his friends have recently participated in the “Brodarrfest” exhibition at FOE Gallery, and now all of the leftover goodies have been released at their online store! Including paintings and customs by Guumon, Grizlli Atom, Arbito, Jeff Lamm and many others, as well as the creator of the Suns of Brodarr himself, Bwana Spoons, there’s even a few short exclusive runs of Drizzleshits and Lonny on GID, pink glow and marbled blue/glow vinyl for $52 or $56 each. Head over to FOE Gallery for a further look at all of the available work as soon as possible!


Lifesize Sludgedemon DX by Mutant Vinyl Hardcore and Toy Art Gallery

Toy Art Gallery have teamed up with toy designer extraordinaire Rich Montanari of Mutant Vinyl Hardcore for the newest addition to their line of lifesize figures: the Sludgedemon DX! Produced in matte black fiberglass in homage to Bounty Hunter’s black Kun sculpt, this first edition has been released during last weekend’s “Full Resin Vinyl” show at TAG and has now made its way to their online shop – limited to 10 pieces, it’s priced a little lower than the usual price range for their lifesize figures, as it’s a bit smaller than the others. $1500 is the price for the regular edition, while an additional $500 will get you an optional Sam Heinous head!


Will be back soon!

I apologize for the lack of posts recently, I’ve been pretty busy with work and there probably won’t be any posts over the course of this weekend. I’ll be back on Monday or Tuesday – see you soon!

Skull TJ by Noon x K.Olin tribu

K.Olin tribu is happy to announce the new Skull collaboration for this fall, in collaboration with French artist Noon: the “TJ” edition! Made of extra white porcelain in an edition of 50 pieces, they’re priced at 315€ (with 20% less for non-EU customers) and this pre-order will be delivered in a wooden case by the end of October.


Death Rides Again at Toy Art Gallery

Toy Art Gallery is proud to announce this month’s show, featuring new works by Doubleparlour, Mike Egan and Lurk: Death Rides Again! Opening on August 9th from 7-10pm, the exhibition includes original paintings, drawings, prints and resin sculptures, as well as the soft vinyl debuts from both Lurk (previously teased) and Doubleparlour! Titled “Merryners”, Doubleparlour will are having a 4-pieces series with the first teaser consisting of the unpainted Uwie & Chap figures below.


Uwie & Chap


Doubleparlour one-offs


“Playing With Fire” at FOE Gallery

FOE Gallery in Northampton, MA will be hosting a group exhibition with an opening reception on Friday, August 8th: Playing With Fire! Featuring customs, collaborations and micro runs by Paul Kaiju and Mutant Vinyl Hardcore across numerous figures, as well as several paintings by Michael Skattum, whose Slimebat toy has also been painted by both artists. Something you should definitely be checking out if you’re in the area!


NekoFukurou reveal by Blackbook Toy

Blackbook Toy and Jeff Soto have revealed their new NekoFukurou figure – with a cat face on one side and an owl face on the other side, it has been sculpted by T9G with a size of 6 inches and due to their hollow bottom and little gaps on the side, they can be stacked on each other. This debut clear vinyl version will be released at DKE Toys’ SDCC booth #5045 for a price of $80 each, with a limited edition of 30 pieces both the blue or the pink colorway!


Cold by Parra x Case Studyo

Case Studyo have released a new porcelain sculpture by Parra today: Cold! With an edition of only 25 pieces, they come in a screen printed wood box with signed and numbered certificate of authenticity by the artist and measure about 9 inches in height. Interested parties can contact Case Studyo for price and availability as long as they last!


New Doubleparlour releases on May 31st

Doubleparlour are getting ready for some new releases on Saturday, May 31st at 12pm PST! The first picture shows a bunch of one-off toys with prices starting at $150, whereas “Weishaupt”, a collaboration with Scott Tolleson for the additional mask sculpt, comes priced at $200 and is limited to an edition of 5 resin pieces.


Porcelain Negora by Konatsu x Densakugama

Another variation of Konatsu’s Negora design has appeared, this time they measure 7.5″ tall and are made of porcelain! Produced in collaboration with porcelain manufacturer Densakugama in Arita (Japan) and being distributed by Medicom Toy for both customers in Japan and the rest of the world, they can be pre-ordered until June 30th for $106 a piece if you’re in Japan, or $98 if you’re overseas. Estimated delivery for both the Maneki Neko and Mike version is in late August 2014. Each piece is handmade from plaster molds and if you want to read a nice little interview and press release about Negora and its story as well as the production process, you can head over here.