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Super Giant Helper by Tim Biskup

Produced in an edition of 23 pieces in 2006, Rotofugi have found a remaining Super Giant Helper by Tim Biskup! Made of fiberglass and measuring an impressive seven and a half feet (90 inches) tall, it includes a metal base and signed certificate of authenticity. Unfortunately, the size isn’t the only impressive thing about this “toy”: it comes priced at $10.000, including domestic freight to the lower 48 states.


Lost Worlds group exhibition at Stranger Factory

The Lost Worlds group exhibition at Stranger Factory will open its doors tonight, and a lot of stuff can already be previewed online! Currently there’s quite a bit of Paul Kaiju, MVH, Splurrt and Josh Herbolsheimer goodness to feast your eyes on, they’ll keep updating the page during the next few days. For anyone who can’t make it to the opening, they will begin accepting online purchase inquiries at 12 Noon Pacific Standard Time (PST) on Monday, August 5th.


Izumi Kato Shampoo Bottles

Izumi Kato and Linden teamed up once again to release a shampoo bottle set, produced in collaboration with Mouhatsu Kagaku Lab! Limited to 100 numbered sets, each figure is individually hand-painted/customized by the artist, featuring a plastic body and vinyl head by Linden. Coming in a Japanese-puzzle-box-inspired wooden case with sliding glass panel, they feature coffee- and milk-scented shampoo and will be released here for $350 soon, standing approximately 8.25″ tall.


New Dokuro Ape by Miles Nielsen

Miles Nielsen has released a new Dokuro Ape figure from his Yakimon ceramic line! Limited to only 5 pieces and priced at $200, they stand just under 10 inches tall, done up in a raw turquoise with black rub and gloss red highlights, plus white gloss head. He’ll also release some more figures soon, pictured below!


New porcelain figure by Yoskay Yamamoto x K.Olin Tribu

K.Olin Tribu are close to releasing a new figure, created in collaboration with Yoskay Yamamoto! Made of porcelain, these will soon be available through Maz Galerie, stay tuned for more info coming during the next days or weeks. Also, take a look at the little pins Yoskay’s been working on for Giant Robot’s SDCC booth! It’s his first attempt at mold making and casting ever, and they turned out quite lovely.


The wooden sculptures of Ready2Rumbl

Ready2Rumbl, illustrator and artist from Rotterdam in the Netherlands, has sent word of his amazing wood sculptures! During the past two years, he’s been working on some wooden creations he’d like to share with us and all I can say is that they’re truly worthy of being shared – be sure to take a look at his funny little fellas below and visit his website for some more work and illustrations!


Death Goes Pop and Lucky by Mike Egan

DKE Toys have got some Mike Egan goodies for SDCC! They’ll release his new “Death Goes Pop” book with a special edition of 100 pieces, retailing for $25 and being signed and numbered on a letterpressed bookplate, as well as 50 original paintings featured in the book, priced at $75 each.

Also, Mike Egan will release his second sofubi toy: Lucky! Limited to 50 pieces per colorway and coming priced at $60, they feature the same colorways as his first Bones release a year ago.


Kaws Moonman for the 2013 VMAs

Here’s something Kaws fans will most likely never be able to grab: the Kaws Companion Moonman for the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards! MTV teamed up with Kaws to have their Moonman award re-designed for the first time ever; originally inspired by Buzz Aldrin placing the American flag on the moon, it now features a slightly rounder shape and his usual Companion head and hands.


New stuff by Blamo Toys

Blamo Toys are back with a bunch of new figures! There’s a Baby Brass Billy available at their store for $180 and their pink teak Hug is currently on sale for a limited time, coming priced at $20 and measuring 2″ tall. As for their SDCC plans, they’ll release 12 Swampy customs at the Dragatomi booth and one King Swampy with a crown, which you can win by purchasing one of the rainbow-colored toys; they’ll also release an all new “Daku Daku” wood figure, featuring two faces with contradictory emotions. Blamo Toys will save 5 pieces which will be released online afterwards for anyone who can’t make it to the Con.


Tangible Absurdities by Troy Coulterman

Troy Coulterman is currently having an exhibition at Subtext Gallery in San Diego, running through July 21st and featuring numerous resin sculptures! Sizes range from a few to to 20 inches, excluding the painted foam boards and prices vary between $450 and $850, with most of the sculptures being still available at the moment.

“All of my work starts from similar confusing happenings that we may experience in one way or another. In my sculptures I embrace these experiences and translate them into tangible moments that manage to be even more absurd than that from which they came.”


Hitan No Ou Kyuuketsushi

We Hit Like Tempest has sent word of his first release ever, titled “Hitan No Ou” and being a collaboration with Sexual Youkai and Velocitron! It features a Kyuuketsushi body painted by Velocitron and a mask sculpted by WHLT; in addition there’ll be an awesome A5 print by Sexual Youkai for only $10 each, limited to 10 pieces. If the little preview of the mask below or the print has caught your interest, you can contact him via Instagram @daftnerdpride or at