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Dust Catcher is here!

Hey toy people! Glad to announce that Dust Catcher – our magazine about contemporary character design, illustration and collectibles – is finally available for purchase! In terms of toy-related stuff, we’ve got exclusive interviews with Elegab, Pepe Hiller, and Case Studyo. You can also follow us Instagram, where we’ll announce our exclusive release of Elegab’s Meteorg soon.

210 x 275 mm
96 pages
Printed on uncoated paper
Cover with translucent paper sheet

Volume #1 includes interviews with:

Acne JR
Case Studyo
Cleon Peterson (courtesy of Plus-One)
Irma Gruenholz
Joakim Ojanen
Pepe Hiller
Troy Coulterman












Twisted Planet at Toy Art Gallery

Toy Art Gallery‘s current exhibition, “Twisted Planet”, features the works of Cometdebris, Galaxy People, Joseph Harmon and Martin Ontiveros and has now made its way to their online store! Twisted Planet marks the debut of several new sofubi figures: Joseph Harmon’s “Wolf Thing Bat Mother” comes in green vinyl with a price tag of $35, whereas the new “Chungaloids” have been produced in unpainted glow-in-the-dark vinyl for $55 per set.


The Magi Maleficarum set by Martin Ontiveros, previously seen as a resin release a few months ago, makes its debut in unpainted GID sofubi as well and is up for grabs for $45 each.


Be sure to head over to the TAG store as soon as possible for a lovely selection of one-offs, micro runs, prints and originals by all 4 artists, as long as they’re still available!


Unchiman one-offs by Bwana Spoons

Bwana Spoons has painted a batch of Unchiman figures by Paul Kaiju, which will be hitting the Gravy Toys online store today, June 31st at 10am PST! Consisting of 9 one-off versions with sprays and handpainted elements on mixed-parts red, olive and black vinyl, they’ll come packaged in a traditional bag with header and include a little one page comic with Bwana’s take on the origin of Unchiman. Standing 8.5″ tall with an undisclosed price!


Brodarrfest at FOE Gallery

Bwana Spoons and his friends have recently participated in the “Brodarrfest” exhibition at FOE Gallery, and now all of the leftover goodies have been released at their online store! Including paintings and customs by Guumon, Grizlli Atom, Arbito, Jeff Lamm and many others, as well as the creator of the Suns of Brodarr himself, Bwana Spoons, there’s even a few short exclusive runs of Drizzleshits and Lonny on GID, pink glow and marbled blue/glow vinyl for $52 or $56 each. Head over to FOE Gallery for a further look at all of the available work as soon as possible!


“Cheap Toy” release by Bukimi Blasters

Shigeo Endo of Bukimi Blasters has been working on several mixed-parts one-offs: the “Cheap Toys” release! Consisting of Evil Demon, Bukimi Kun and a few mash-ups from both figures, they’re made from various vinyl colors and include a few painted arms and heads, each having been priced at $99 plus shipping and including a “Mr. Raw Head” omake. Available online now!

DSC01462 DSC01456 DSC01450

Nenne, Chi-Chi and Nei online release by Baketan

Cherri Polly of the creative duo Baketan has announced a whole bunch of new editions for their recently launched online store! They’re celebrating this launch with a very limited edition of Nenne figures in gold and silver colors with a price tag of $70 for the set of two, and have got 4 additional Nenne, Chi-Chi and Nei colorways for $35 each, as well as a few “Evil” one-offs with dark metallic sprays for $90 a piece.

Measuring around 4″ tall, they’ll be available for overseas customers tomorrow, March 15th at 1pm Japan time!

g_s01 00001chichi01 evnei01

Rippin Rangeas customs by Bwana Spoons

Bwana Spoons has returned with a new Friday release at his online store: the Rippin Rangeas customs! Made of mashed-up Rangeas and Sqalone parts by T9G as well as a selection of Gravy Toys bits and pieces (one of them actually includes a pair of previously unseen Eyebora vinyl heads from the Drizzleshits pre-order), they’ve been painted with Monster Kolor and are now up for grabs for $180 or $240 each. Be sure to take a peek at his shop for further pictures at all of the 6 customs!


The Disarticulators’ Oozeball sofubi at ToyCon UK 2015

The Disarticulators‘ Tru:Tek is proud to be joining tomorrow’s ToyCon UK with a bunch of Oozeball one-offs and micro runs! Jon Malmstedt of Rampage Toys has painted three customs over non-squishy flesh-colored vinyl, titled (from left to right) “Red Planet”, “Funfetti Ooze” and “Golden Sludge” for £65 a piece, while an edition of 8 “Predatooze” figures have been produced in matte clear, squishy sofubi with custom tie-dyed pom poms to resemble the infamous thermal imaging effect from cult 80’s flick, Predator, will be available alongside two pom-pom-free Stealth versions for just £35 and £32.50 respectively. And last but not least, a highly limited batch in both unpainted glow-in-the-dark and flesh vinyl of only 2 pieces per color will be sold for £30 each – any leftovers will be heading to the Man-E-Toys store on Sunday, April 26th at 9pm London time!

final tcon oozeball promo

Gnosis show at Toy Art Gallery

“GNOSIS”, a show featuring Blood Guts Toys, Deathcat Toys, Grizlli Atom, kto kto, and Snatchpunch, with special guests Aaron Brookes, Monsterisland, Popsoda, and Purple Toys opens today at Toy Art Gallery in LA! There’s going to be a huge variety of items and lots of sofubi debuts by several artists, here’s what’s going to happen:

Izumo of Blood Guts Toys will, of course, be releasing some new Shikabane Kaiju figures and has also brought his most recent work to the US: Ningyo! Featuring an articulated head and arms, it’s surprisingly big in size and quite a looker, even though I can’t say for sure that they’ll be for sale at the show as well.

ningyo 11154966_10152847555845875_1395633058154683481_o

As for Johan Ulrich of Deathcat Toys, he will be releasing his very first soft vinyl figures at the event: the Akumaneko set! Inspired by Go Nagai’s Devilman series, they’ve been produced by TAG and sculpted by Grizlli Atom, including the two mini figures by the names of Psychosophie and Owlene. Both painted and unpainted versions should be for sale!

akumaneko Akumaneko

Grizlli Atom himself will be releasing some new stuff as well, that being a set of “Goonsquad” figures (one of them shown on the left and currently not in vinyl), plus his Plague Doctor figure in collaboration with Toy Art Gallery! Pretty great show, any leftovers should go online on Monday at Noon PST.


Will be back soon!

I apologize for the lack of posts recently, I’ve been pretty busy with work and there probably won’t be any posts over the course of this weekend. I’ll be back on Monday or Tuesday – see you soon!

New Obake Dog and 1/1 Skull Heads from Secret Base and Ganji

Once again, Secret Base have teamed up with Ganji from Three Tides Tattoo for a new Obake Dog and 1/1 Skull Head release! Painted on light grey flocked vinyl, the Obake Dogs come with various head colors for the price of $140, while the Skull Heads have got a $232 price tag, both releases being available now and shipping blind-bagged. As always, international orders can be placed by sending an email to Secret Base!


Blobpus x Dol Roffo “Jellyfish” Dokugan lottery

Blobpus has returned with yet another lottery, collaborating with Japanese knitting artist Dol Roffo for a new and exciting “Jellyfish” Dokugan edition! While the latter one has been taking care of the white jellyfish mask, Blobpus has been painting the vinyl body with a tasty combination of purple, blue and silver sprays and if you’re willing to spend the more-than-appropriate sum of $91 for one of these, you should send your lottery application out as soon as possible (full info here).

And if the Dokugan run didn’t catch your fancy, maybe one of these other 7 one-off pieces will? With prices ranging from $104 for the Bogura to $302 for the Enma, Blobpus has been taking on several toys from Max Toy Co, Yamomark and Mutant Vinyl Hardcore for your viewing and, if you’re a little lucky, buying pleasure.


The Paul Kaiju and Mutant Vinyl Hardcore booth at DesignerCon 2014

One of the most exciting booths at DesignerCon this year appears to be the shared booth #610 by Paul Kaiju and Rich Montanari of Mutant Vinyl Hardcore! Just like last year, all of the figures will be available by random drawing and there’s going to be a whole lot to choose from, so here’s how the schedule will be going down:

9:00am: Free tickets available for Saturday Drawings
12:00pm: Paulkaiju Random Drawing
3:00pm: Mutant Vinyl Hardcore Random Drawing

9:00am: Free tickets available for Sunday Drawings
TBD: Mutant Vinyl Hardcore Drawing
2:00pm: Paulkaiju Random Drawing

MVH will be offering several micro runs of 5 or 10 pieces with prices above the $110 range, while Paul will be taking several runs and one-offs for undisclosed prices to the con as well.


Angel Abby’s 2014 Halloween releases online now

After having been released at their new retail space in Hong Kong today, Angel Abby have just dropped this year’s Halloween goodies at their online shop! Cast in milky-white vinyl, they got their hands on exclusive Tateeboshi and Tateobesu colorways by Sunguts, as well as the new Octopus sculpt with pink sprays, all of them retailing at $40 with an additional $5 for international shipping. Also, they teamed up with Undead Toys for a bunch of one-off Doburat releases for only $60 a piece – some of them have been painted by the maker himself, while others were customized by Andy of Angel Abby. Be sure to head over to their shop for additional pictures!