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Huck Gee new WIP

Huck Gee has posted a few pics on something he’s currently working on – highly probably a new custom series. Featuring some horns, and what seems to be a mask with teeth, plus a few extra potions (red and blue for both health and mana, haha). Looks indeed quite shaman-like!

Artmymind releasing 2 new teasers!

I wrote about Artmymind’s teasers earlier, meanwhile there are 2 new teasers online! Be prepared for the release today!

“The day darkness will rise once again stronger than ever, our world will endure it’s most desperate times. But on the edge of extinction, an opposite force will appear and in an apocalyptic battle, face the thousand fangs.”

Squink new WIP

Amazing UK Artist and customizer Squink just recently posted a Work in progress image of something new coming up – even the sculpt on its own without any colors looks astonishing; very clean and detailed as always!

Dragons Custom Toy Show at Sho Gallery in Cardiff

Today is the day! The Dragons Custom Toy Show takes place this evening, featuring a LOT of customizers and artist from the vinyl toy scene, taking place in Cardiff. All of the figures are based on the Munnyworld Kracka. All remaining customs can be bought at their online store, where they can be previewed now. So many customs can’t fit into one single post, be sure to check them all out >here<. By the way, all proceeds will go to DiabetesUK!

Artmymind teaser for August, 21st

“An evil force is approching… They are our last stand” – such is the teaser for an upcoming Artmymind release on August 21st. There is not much known besides the image above, so make sure to keep an eye on their Facebook or Twitter pages for further details!

Buff Monster moving sale

Buff Monster will be having a moving sale next Saturday, 25th August, from 11am to 6pm. As he’ll move to NY, he will sell a lot of stuff – including original artwork, prints, (sold out) toys, customs, as well as experimental stuff and things you have never seen before! If you’re living near LA be sure to check Japan LA at the given time out! Too bad it’s not an online sale!

Dudebox DIY Dude 2.5″

I don’t really know if I missed it, but Dudebox will be releasing a 2.5″ DIY Dude.
This one is already listed on a few smaller shops, so I have no idea if I’m just being a slowpoke or if this hasn’t officially been anounced yet. However it seems to be a pretty cool (and affordable) version of his bigger brother.