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“Stepping Through Walls” at Toy Art Gallery

Toy Art Gallery‘s new show “Stepping Through Walls” opens today, June 7th at 7pm and features the work of Bwana Spoons, Johan Ulrich, Joseph Harmon, Martin Ontiveros, Rampage Toys and T9G! The show will see a new mix of one-offs, paintings, resin and vinyl editions, as well as the first factory painted colorway of the Marty and Killer set by Bwana x T9G. Unlike their other exhibitions, there will be a preview with early access to their figures at their website between Noon and 6pm PST today, with more items being added throughout the weekend!


Idol Worship by TAG now online

The leftover pieces from Toy Art Gallery‘s “Idol Worship” have just been released online! The works of Brian Flynn, Frenzy Bros., Grizlli Atom, Shirahama/Yatsuashi, Tim Clarke and Yakimon start at $45 and go up to several hundred dollars; consisting of customs, unique sculpts and small editions.


“Idol Worship” at Toy Art Gallery

It might be a little bit of a late announcement, but Toy Art Gallery‘s next show “Idol Worship” is about to start today at 7pm! Featuring the work of Brian Flynn, Frenzy Bros., Grizlli Atom, Shirahama/Yatsuashi, Tim Clarke and Yakimon, there will be customs and unique sculpts, the debut of Brian Flynn’s “Doku Rocker” lifesize fiberglass piece and limited edition runs from Shirahama and Grizlli Atom. Running through April 26th with any leftovers hitting the online store on Monday, probably.


Mutant Head Butt Attack at Rampage Toys

You might have heard of the MVH x SHB “Mutant Head Butt Attack” show at Rampage Studios in Tokyo; now, after the opening, all of the remaining goodies will be hitting the Rampage Toys online store May 17th at 9am Japan time! You can already take a look at the few pieces which have found their way to the shop, so you can get that refresh button on the right page going, in case you’re willing to spend $200+ on a piece.


Trash Out Show vol. 2 by Gargamel

Gargamel will have their second Trash Out show at the Hugest store February 23rd in Tokyo! Featuring lots of one-offs, the show will see the first colorway of their new “Oriental Dullahan (Houkai)” figure for about $44, as well as new customs of their recent “Garudan” Deathra variant from this year’s Lucky Bag, including inserts for clear heads.


“Dark Invasion” at Toy Art Gallery

Toy Art Gallery is proud to present “Dark Invasion”, featuring the incredible talents of Devil’s Head Prod, GalaxyPeople, Guumon, Mutant Vinyl Hardcore, Paul Kaiju and Scarecrowoven! With a reception on Saturday, February 8th from 7-10pm, there will be original paintings, micro runs and custom figures, as well as several new toy debuts – like the first full MVH Berserker Ollie with new arms! Devil’s Head Productions, Paul Kaiju and Scarecrowoven will be in attendance; the show runs through March 2nd.

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Mood Palmer vinyl toy by Superdeux

Making its first appearance at the “Bopano/Fake Signs” exhibition in France in 2008 as well as being followed by numerous prints, sculptures and fiberglass installations afterwards, Superdeux‘s “Mood Palmer” character has just been released as vinyl toy at his online shop! Limited to an edition of 100 blue, 100 magenta and a total of 100 hand painted, signed and numbered customs, they’re priced at $49 for the regular and $79/$89 for the custom editions. Produced by Bigshot Toyworks and standing 5″ tall.