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Super7′s NYCC 2015 exclusives

I might be a little late on covering Super7‘s NYCC exclusives, but if you’re attending the convention and need a small last-minute overview before heading over to their booth #174, here it is anyway! Including ReAction figures, the new Masters of the Universe line as well as the Cab Dragon collaboration with Secret Base and Steve Caballero, plus a selection of their own sofubi minis. Prices ranging from $15 to $60!


Wing Kong by Super7

Recently debuted in unpainted yellow and pink vinyl in their Lucky Bags, Super7 will be bringing their newest figure to this year’s NYCC: Wing Kong! Based on an old illustration from the 70′s depicting a winged King Kong, Super7′s rendition stands 9″ tall and comes with multiple points of articulation. Cast in brown vinyl and retailing for $95 each!


Monkey King by T9G

T9G‘s latest sofubi toy, the Monkey King, is about to make its debut at various online stores all over the globe! Currently up for grabs at Angel Abby (Hong Kong) and Untold (Japan), more pieces will be arriving at myplasticheart, Toy Art Gallery and Mintyfresh over the course of the next few days. Priced somewhere around the $42 mark, the debut editions come in unpainted black and white vinyl with a size of approx. 4.75″ and includearticulated arms. The first painted colorway will be released at this weekend’s Taipei Toy Festival and hopefully online in the near future, too!

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New online release by Cojica Toys

Cojica Toys have returned with a new online release, consisting of various previous editions and unused blanks! With prices of just $42 per blank figure and $36 for the grey Monoclon and $50 for the second painted colorway of Neclong, this online lottery also includes the first mixed-parts drop by Cojica Toys, coming priced at nothing but $25 each. Head over to their website to fill out the form with the toys of your choice as soon as possible, as the raffle might be closing soon.


“Magical” Iron Meat by Restore, NYCC exclusive

As you may already know, New York Comic Con will be taking place over the course of the next weekend and there’s quite a bit of news to cover, starting off with the “Magical” edition of Restore‘s Iron Meat sofubi! Limited to 10 pieces at Clutter‘s booth #603 for the price of $100, a few additional pieces of the chubby robot will also be heading to Taipei Toy Festival next weekend, too. Iron Meat stands 7″ tall and includes detachable hands and clear vinyl parts on its head and belly.


Glutamine, Guerilla Punch and Clear with guts Goga by Anraku Ansaku for Medicom

Medicom Toy have already announced next month’s exclusive and continue releasing new goodies by the elusive Anraku Ansaku, returning with a trio of wonderful colorways on October 24th! Gogamejira makes an appearance in clear vinyl with pink GID guts for $225, whereas the first Medicom-exclusive editions of Anraku’s beloved Glutamine and Guerilla Punch figures will be priced at $90 and stand around the usual 7″ tall. Available for open pre-order until November 30th with international shipping options, too (presumably)!


Kanzler Arschloch debut by Krotpong

The first release of Krotpong‘s Kanzler Arschloch is a go, as an edition on glow-in-the-dark vinyl is up for grabs via lottery right now! With an enormous size of just under 15 inches, Kanzler Arschloch has been treated to quite a variety of sprays and rubs and has been priced at $200 plus shipping (that being $20 within the US and more for international orders, seeing as it’s a rather large toy). To enter the lottery for a chance at winning one of your own, be sure to send an email to before October 1st at Noon CST containing your name, address, state, city, ZIP code and PayPal address. Winners will be notified on the 2nd and the figures will be shipping out 2-4 weeks later. Good luck!


MVH x Splurrt “Fire & Ice” Cinema Monster

Mutant Vinyl Hardcore and Splurrt/Secretoy have joined forces once again, presenting the “Fire & Ice” edition of the Cinema Monster! Dropping at the MVH store tomorrow, September 30th at 8pm Eastern time for $250 and being strictly limited to one piece per customer, they have been produced in glow-in-the-dark vinyl and painted in bright red, metallic blue with gold, silver and black details. Sold blind-bagged with differently colored accessories and chains, each figure comes with a header, a pin and a few stickers, as well as an uncut and unpainted GID column accessory (not pictured). One lucky winner gets to find the red/green variant with beard inside his or her package!


The September 2015 Hyouga King lottery by Elegab

The mastermind of modern Kaiju designs Elegab has started accepting entries for this month’s lottery, consisting of two new colorways of Hyouga King! This third release, after having seen an exclusive flesh edition during the Soft Vinyl Mayhem show in Brisbane earlier this month, has the Glacier King appear in glow-in-the-dark or green vinyl with signature Elegab sprays and slightly higher price tags of $71 and $69 respectively. The lottery will remain open until October 3rd at 8:30am Japan time with winners to be announced a day later! Full information here.


Fake Baron and Glitter releases by Blobpus

Last weekend’s Super Festival 69 saw the release of a bunch of small editions and one-offs by Blobpus, now some of the figures have headed to his blog for a lottery release! First off, we get to see a collaboration with Awesome Toy take shape with a Fake Baron release with red and metallic sprays for $100 each, as well as a “Deluxe” edition of the full-size figure with the four-piece mini set, having been painted with a double-sided paint job for $209 plus shipping. There’s also a new unpainted release of a Blobpus figure in red glitter vinyl for $40, plus some mixed-parts Vatundoo toys with your choice of head/body vinyl mix for $71 each. I recommend heading over to the Blobpus blog as soon as possible, as his lotteries usually end up closing within just a day or two.


New Lifesize sculptures at Toy Art Gallery

Even though Toy Art Gallery will unfortunately be closing their retail space by the end of this month, their online store and toy production will be continuing as usual, as they’ve just dropped a whole bunch of new lifesize editions and (online) debuts here! Witness the first editions of their Karakasa Obake collaboration with Three Tides Tattoo’s Hiroshi, as well as new colors for the Mutant Vinyl Hardcore Sludge Demon DX, Splurrt’s Cadaver Twins, Ron English’s Little Big Foot, Brian Flynn’s Doku Rocker and T9G’s Rangeas. The sculptures range from $1500 to $2800 and will have to be shipped by freight!

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Anraku Ansaku’s Panda no Pantaron and Tanuki no Pokopon

Medicom Toy have been working on something special for this month’s exclusives, that being the first new figure release by the legendary toy maker Anraku Ansaku in 8 years: Panda no Pantaron and Tanuki no Pokopon! Based on some of the characters from Anraku’s Youtube videos from 2010, these lovely, vintage-inspired guys stand 10″ tall and are priced at $83 plus shipping. Up for grabs via open pre-order for customers all over the globe until November 1st and if you order both of them, you’ll be receiving both unpainted heads and tails for free!


Medicom Toy exclusive Doublethink by Takahiro Komuro

Another month is about to end and another batch of Medicom Toy exclusives has arrived, starting off with Takahiro Komuro’s newest Doublethink edition! Limited to nothing but 10 pieces altogether, this stunning colorway has been painted by Tkom himself and will be sold by lottery until October 10th here. Doublethink measures just over 10″ tall and has got a price tag of ¥30.000 (approx. $250) plus shipping!


Rebel Ink SC full color by Secret Base

Secret Base have just launched the first fully painted edition of Usugrow’s Rebel Ink SC! Cast in light grey vinyl with tiny lamé pieces, they stand 7″ tall and have been priced at $79 plus shipping. Including white prints on the back and front, a few lucky customers might be receiving a chase version in yellow vinyl, as they’re being sold blind-bagged.