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Debris Bone Garage Kit and Neo Japan by Restore

Junnosuke Abe of Restore has announced that the new Neo Japan sofubi and resin figure will be available for pre-sale at the upcoming SDCC and Wonder Festival later this month! With a size of 7.5″ and a price tag of $85 each, limited quantities will be sold at both conventions, whereas online sales will officially start on August 1st (more details on that later).


In other Restore news, they’ve been working on a “Debris Bone” sculpt during the past few weeks! Made of resin and to be sold both as unpainted + unassembled garage kit for $30 and painted version for $39, this Debris skull head is going to be released at Wonder Festival in Tokyo as well. If they manage to get them ready in time, a few pieces are also going to travel to San Diego for Lulubell Toys’ convention booth.


Wananeko by Javier Jimenez

Javier Jimenez is proud to announce his most recent original figure: Wananeko, the Yokai Cat! Designed and painted by Javier, sculpted by Cristina Ravenna and hand cast in resin by Rafael Rodriguez Santos, it measures about 5 inches in height and will be sold bagged in header card with some stickers at the “Tokyo Cat Fight” show at the Design Festa Gallery in Tokyo on July 5th and 6th. A limited edition of the original colorway and a few one-offs will make their way to the event!

“This cat isn’t your ordinary cat; he’s had an incredibly sad and hard life. Upon birth, he was abandoned and forced to live alone as a street cat facing peril and danger. Despite growing incredibly strong due to his rough upbringing on the streets of Japan, he still ended up dying, and out of his hate for humans, became a Yokai. He now takes vengeance by shape-shifting into a basket of meowing kittens on porches of the unsuspecting – only to transform back into a Yokai cat when the door is answered. He attacks whoever opens the door, and wreaks havoc on the inside of their home, delivering revenge to those who turned their eye on him when he was in need. That’s where his name comes from… “Wananeko”, which in Japanese, means Trap Cat.” You can watch this video for some more story and illustrations.


New Doubleparlour releases on May 31st

Doubleparlour are getting ready for some new releases on Saturday, May 31st at 12pm PST! The first picture shows a bunch of one-off toys with prices starting at $150, whereas “Weishaupt”, a collaboration with Scott Tolleson for the additional mask sculpt, comes priced at $200 and is limited to an edition of 5 resin pieces.