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New Lifesize sculptures at Toy Art Gallery

Even though Toy Art Gallery will unfortunately be closing their retail space by the end of this month, their online store and toy production will be continuing as usual, as they’ve just dropped a whole bunch of new lifesize editions and (online) debuts here! Witness the first editions of their Karakasa Obake collaboration with Three Tides Tattoo’s Hiroshi, as well as new colors for the Mutant Vinyl Hardcore Sludge Demon DX, Splurrt’s Cadaver Twins, Ron English’s Little Big Foot, Brian Flynn’s Doku Rocker and T9G’s Rangeas. The sculptures range from $1500 to $2800 and will have to be shipped by freight!

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Strange Monsters Collection by Unbox Industries

BigManToys, Ironhaus and Zectron have joined forces for a small series 3″ figures, which have been produced by Unbox Industries and will be making their debut at the Little Rubber Guys store today, September 18th at 6:30pm PST! Consisting of ShoguNasty, Necrolossus and Tug-o-War (in descending order), they’ve been cast in classic, rotocast vinyl in a dark green color and are priced at $12 each or $15 for Zectron’s Tug-o-War, which includes an additional vinyl sticker by Japanese artist Kotobuki Man and a mini comic-book-style header. Limited quantities available only!


Mazinger Z by Unbox Industries x Eric So

Unbox Industries have teamed up with toy legend Eric So in collaboration with Go Nagai for an all new release: a giant Mazinger Z! This behemoth of a figure measures just under 15″ tall and this special edition pre-order will be individually handpainted by Eric So in a “Distressed” colorway for $380 each. Estimated to ship in September this year, you might also be interested in knowing that Unbox have mentioned they’ll be releasing a Standard version for $250 sometime in the future, if this version exceeds your budget.


Will be back soon!

I apologize for the lack of posts recently, I’ve been pretty busy with work and there probably won’t be any posts over the course of this weekend. I’ll be back on Monday or Tuesday – see you soon!

ToySoul 2014 mascot “Kiefer” by Prodip Leung

The ToySoul exhibition in Hong Kong happened in December 2014 and now that the event is over, their mascot “Kiefer” has been made available to customers outside of the convention! Designed by HK-based illustrator Prodip Leung and produced by How2work (where it’s also up for grabs right now), Kiefer has been cast in soft vinyl in an edition of 400 pieces and retails for approximately $62 plus shipping. Nine inches tall!


Skull TJ by Noon x K.Olin tribu

K.Olin tribu is happy to announce the new Skull collaboration for this fall, in collaboration with French artist Noon: the “TJ” edition! Made of extra white porcelain in an edition of 50 pieces, they’re priced at 315€ (with 20% less for non-EU customers) and this pre-order will be delivered in a wooden case by the end of October.


Steamy Chums Kickstarter

In other Kickstarter news today, here’s the Steamy Chums campaign! While they might be a little bit too “western” for most readers here, some people might enjoy these lovingly handmade resin figures with steampunk and tin-toy-inspired aesthetics, also considering that they’re only a few backers away from reaching their funding goal, as their campaign ends on Sunday. If these caught your interest, you can visit their Kickstarter page for several different sculpts and variants, painted and DIY versions, all for prices of 35€ and upwards!


Halfas by Toyholic x Instinctoy

Produced in collaboration with Instinctoy and designed by Toyholic, here comes a new toy debut: Halfas! This likeable two-headed monster stands 3 inches tall and comes with a little pouch in its chest, which you can pull out to reveal a heart inside. This first edition has been cast in white vinyl and is now available from Instinctoy for $21 – international orders can usually be placed by contacting Instinctoy by email.


“I AM OK” by Fluffy House and Bubi Au Yeung

Western toys are pretty rare these days on Lowbrownie, but the occasional regular-vinyl figure doesn’t hurt, especially when they’re quite charming and look as high-quality as the new “I AM OK” set by Fluffy House and Bubi Au Yeung! Available for pre-order through Fluffy House and expected to ship around the end of September, the set is priced at $60 and includes a 4.5″ tall yellow figure with articulated arms and a grey 2.5″ buddy. All pre-orders placed before August 17th receive a free bag and special gift. Fun!

“The two figures portray the status of “OK” and “Not OK” respectively. They also represent a complicated state of mind. Sometimes when someone says they are OK, they may not be while sometimes the other way round…”


Cold by Parra x Case Studyo

Case Studyo have released a new porcelain sculpture by Parra today: Cold! With an edition of only 25 pieces, they come in a screen printed wood box with signed and numbered certificate of authenticity by the artist and measure about 9 inches in height. Interested parties can contact Case Studyo for price and availability as long as they last!


New Doubleparlour releases on May 31st

Doubleparlour are getting ready for some new releases on Saturday, May 31st at 12pm PST! The first picture shows a bunch of one-off toys with prices starting at $150, whereas “Weishaupt”, a collaboration with Scott Tolleson for the additional mask sculpt, comes priced at $200 and is limited to an edition of 5 resin pieces.