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Trouble Boys S00 by Brandt Peters x Ferg

Brandt Peters and Ferg will release some new “S00″ Trouble Boys at the Squadt online store on Monday, March 31st at Noon Central Time! Available for open pre-order within a 48/24 hour period respectively, there will be a GID edition for $95 and a GID + purple set for $175, both including worldwide shipping. Six inches of unpainted vinyl with 3 sets of eye lenses, two sets of arms and lots of additional accessories!


Today’s Doubleparlour releases

Here’s the full line-up for today’s Doubleparlour releases at 11am, in descending order: an original “The Nomads” figure with a size of 9.5″ and a $260 price tag, an edition of 5 Melvyns for $120 a piece, original Doggies for $65 and “Picnic” one-off for $300. Let’s not forget the previously teased Little Four Eyes, limited to 4 pieces with a size of 9″ and retailing at $150 each.


New Doubleparlour releases today!

Doubleparlour have got a bunch of new stuff releasing at their store today at 11am PST! There will be 3 hand-sculpted Odettes with tree heads for $250 each, an edition of 2 Sylvie & Brice figures for $130 a piece and the first colorway of their new Melvyn figure, limited to 4 pieces and coming priced at $120. Also, they’ll release a few additional one-off pieces!


Mood Palmer vinyl toy by Superdeux

Making its first appearance at the “Bopano/Fake Signs” exhibition in France in 2008 as well as being followed by numerous prints, sculptures and fiberglass installations afterwards, Superdeux‘s “Mood Palmer” character has just been released as vinyl toy at his online shop! Limited to an edition of 100 blue, 100 magenta and a total of 100 hand painted, signed and numbered customs, they’re priced at $49 for the regular and $79/$89 for the custom editions. Produced by Bigshot Toyworks and standing 5″ tall.


Billy custom show at Toy Art Gallery

Toy Art Gallery will host a Billy custom show tomorrow, December 14th, from 7-10pm to celebrate 5 years of annual Blamo custom shows! Unlike most other TAG exhibitions, the customs by the over 100 international artists have already been made available online before the actual start of the exhibition – tons of pieces by all kinds of artists with prices ranging from $125 to $1200; check it out!


GID Muckey and Liquid Series 4 by Instinctoy

Instinctoy have started accepting international orders for their new Muckey and Liquid colorways! Muckey features GID vinyl claws and teeth, a milky-clear body and comes priced at $87, limited to an edition of 120 pieces (with 20 of them having been made available at Dcon), while the 4th Liquid “Christmas color” series retails for about $11 each (or $50 for the whole set of 5 pieces) with every piece cast in GID vinyl. Japan online orders will start December 8th at 11pm local time, international orders can be placed by email until December 7th at Noon, full details on what to include in your email can be found here.