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The End of the Man mini and Preserver Bird

Sergey Safonov‘s returned with 2 new figures! There’s a mini version of his The End of the Man sculpt with a size of 3 x 1.5 inches and retailing for $40, as well as an all new “Preserver Bird”, including a small dish inside its hollow body, measuring 5 inches tall and wide, priced at $110. Both are made of unglazed bisque porcelain and the prices include worldwide shipping. He’s also got several new Moon Wanderers and Govra colorways, be sure to take a look at his store!


Super Suck-Up 2 Dcon 2013 leftovers now online

The Super Suck-Up 2 leftovers from Dcon are now available online! With editions ranging up to 50 pieces, they’re priced at $100 or $125 each and are made of resin, with the exception of the 3.75″ Grody Shogun Suck Sensei, which is cast in soft viny; all of them come packaged in a 6.5″ x 8.5″ blistercard box designed by Sucklord.


The Disarticulators’ Oozeball coming tomorrow

Tomorrow, November 22nd at 9pm London time, will be the general online release for The Disarticulators’ Oozeball! Sold through the Man-E-Toys store, they’re designed/sculpted by Zectron, produced by Tru:Tek and are made of bouncy, display-only rubber (squishy versions with ooze are still in the works).

There will be Bootleg Neon and Vintage Green open-run versions for $25 each, a batch of 10 Midnight Black for $25 and 10 Neon Green with rub pieces for $30, as well as a “Joke Toy” Blue edition of 5 pieces and a Vintage Spray one-off. There’s also a black rub Madball for $60, or $80 if you want it as a set with the Oozeball.

oozeball promo nuoneoff_paintmod_rub

The End of Grass Hut

You might have already heard that the Grass Hut retail space is closing at the end of this year; however their online store will remain and there will still be shows in the future. And what better way to end it with an exhibition of two of Bwana Spoons’ all time favorites Miles Nielsen (of Munktiki and Yakimon) and Tim Biskup? Taking place December 5th, there will be the final “Toy Killer” version of Biskup’s Pollard, cast in clear vinyl with all kinds of toy bits inside, and Miles will have several figures, mash-ups and a new character. If you want to get on the waiting list for the goodies, you can contact Bwana at


Lisa by Jon Knox

Jon Knox will release his new “Lisa” toy tomorrow, November 21st at 11am Pacific Time! Hand molded and cast in polyurethane resin from an original sculpture, each piece is handmade and will be priced at $95 plus shipping. Nine inches tall and available as Blue and Peach versions.


Megakeshi and Mini Galaxxor figures

Ben Spencer of the Galaxxorverse is back with a bunch of new toys and collaborations! Made of keshi-style rubber by True Cast Studio and to be released at their store November 19th at Noon CST, the all new 5.5″ Megakeshi Galaxxor prototype one-offs will be available for $90 a piece and include 3 interchangeable heads, one of them sculpted by Matt Doughty. In addition, they’ve got a vast selection of 2″ Mini Galaxxor toys for $17 each, sculpted and cast by The Godbeast, limited to 3-10 pieces per run with unpainted and swirled colorways being available.


De Korner exclusives for Dcon 2013

De Korner have announced a few exclusives for their DesignerCon booth #720: a yellow Alex Pardee Bunnywith Affinity for Slave Women edition of 100 pieces for $10 each and a Blackbook Toy x David Flores S’murk edition of 66 with a price tag of $90. Any possible leftovers will be available at their online store a little later for $12 and $100 respectively.


I Bug You Kickstarter project

Rebeca Gilling aka Beca, the very friendly designer/artist behind I Bug You, has sent word of her first Kickstarter project to make one of her little, silly bugs come alive as vinyl keychain! For $25, you can get the keychain plus a special edition, handmade and glazed Kickstarter Bug, or you can pledge more to get another, completely unique figure embedded in crystal clear resin in a glass specimen jar. Be sure to read the full details in case you’re interested!


BAIT exclusives for Comikaze

BAIT are currently offering a few exclusives for visitors of the Comikaze convention in LA! They’ve got a pink Alex Pardee Bunnywith Affinity for Slave Women edition of 100 pieces for $12 each, as well as 20 sets of Deathead and S’murk figures by David Flores x Blackbook Toy, limited to an edition of 20 and retailing for $200. The S’murk is also available individually for $100.


Axeface Warchiefs by Monstrehero

Monstrehero have released some all new “Axeface Warchief” resin figures at their store yesterday! Priced at $85 and standing 4″ tall, each piece is completely unique and comes with a removable cloak and War Sword, articulated in the arms and waist.

“Axeface, the Scourge of Pre-History, has enlisted his brethren to combat their arch-foes, the skeletal Skullminions! The disparate Axeface clans have sent the Warchiefs in response to his call. The Warchiefs combine ruthless cunning and wizardry with countless years of experience. Each of their War Swords is unique, forged from the blood and ashes of their vanquished foes and tempered with rage and magic. Their cloaks denote their rank in Axeface society and tell a story of their feats.”


Tickets for ToyCon UK 2014

The tickets for ToyCon UK 2014 will go on sale this Saturday, November 2nd at Noon GMT! They will have a much bigger venue at York Hall next year, all tickets include unlimited access to the event between the opening hours of 09:00-17:00 and cost £15 for ages 13 and over, or £5 for ages 5-12. You can also buy a family ticket for £30, including entries for 2 adults and 2 children.