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Misfortune Cats Blind Box coming soon!

To be released in mid-September, these 2,5″ tall Cats come in different color variations and are designer by Ferg x Playge. Very nice for all those who can’t afford the bigger ones – and by the way the quality and detail still looks pretty high for such relatively small figures.

Buff Monster moving sale

Buff Monster will be having a moving sale next Saturday, 25th August, from 11am to 6pm. As he’ll move to NY, he will sell a lot of stuff – including original artwork, prints, (sold out) toys, customs, as well as experimental stuff and things you have never seen before! If you’re living near LA be sure to check Japan LA at the given time out! Too bad it’s not an online sale!

Kaws release date and price confirmed!

The Kaws rest in place which I wrote about earlier has been confirmed! It will be priced at 25200¥ (which is about 320$), and shall be released August 31st and the first of September at the Originalfake store. However, the online release has not yet been announced, let’s hope there will be some left! Check the official announcement >here<.

Artoyz plans for this year

French Vinyl Toy Store and company Artoyz has announced some upcoming projects for this year’s remaining months and the beginning of 2013. Here you go!

There’ll be an exhibition on September 13th featuring Circus Posterus where they’ll show sneak peeks of 2 upcoming toy releases by 2 yet not announced members of Circus Posterus!

They’ll release an Eerz Mini Series in September featuring artists like Jon Burgerman, Cuypi, and Bunka.

Stephane Levallois will have new Toxic Candies released, and Bunka, known for his Chaos Monkey, will have another Chaos toy, too! Looks like a gorilla to me, as far as I can tell.


Plus, they’ll release another secret toy with a secret artist in 2013 (yes, lots of information to be found here), and they’ll release Phonybotz, small Android robots for Android phones.

Kaws releasing a new toy – Companion: Resting Place

Apparently Kaws is going to release a “new” Companion at his shop this year – Resting Place. Rumors say it’s 12″ big – and I guess there will be a lot of discussions about this figure due to the fact it’s not really something new, it’s just his dissect companion, well, sitting. I still like it, although I’d agree there has been more original stuff than this before.
Price yet unknown.

Dudebox DIY Dude 2.5″

I don’t really know if I missed it, but Dudebox will be releasing a 2.5″ DIY Dude.
This one is already listed on a few smaller shops, so I have no idea if I’m just being a slowpoke or if this hasn’t officially been anounced yet. However it seems to be a pretty cool (and affordable) version of his bigger brother.

Kidrobot Homer Buddha Regular Edition

According to the same site which apparently leaked info on the release of the 8″ Gold King Dunny, there are already pictures of an upcoming Homer Buddha – Regular Edition. Just like the Andrew Bell Dunny and the Huck Gee Skullslinger, this toy seems to get another color version after SDCC, too! Nice for those who weren’t able to attend the Comic Con.