Cyborg Stardust pre-order by Bwana Spoons

Bwana‘s newest Cyborg Stardust figure, which had been available for pre-order back in April as a 10-piece set with all of his buddies, can now be pre-ordered separately at the Gravy Toy store! Up for grabs until the end of October for $44 and expected to arrive in early January, they’ll be made of unpainted mixed-parts vinyl and will have one of the Suns of Brodarr heads at random. Depending on the overall amount of pre-orders, several vinyl colors for the bodies will be produced, one of which you’ll be able to find in your bag: under 50 pieces, you’ll receive one of two possible colors, over the 50-mark a third marbled color will be ordered and if the orders exceed 75 pieces, your Cyborg might be made of translucent glitter vinyl. And if that wasn’t enough, no two figures will be the same and every purchase will be including a micro “Stankor” tank omake!


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