Fake Baron and Glitter releases by Blobpus

Last weekend’s Super Festival 69 saw the release of a bunch of small editions and one-offs by Blobpus, now some of the figures have headed to his blog for a lottery release! First off, we get to see a collaboration with Awesome Toy take shape with a Fake Baron release with red and metallic sprays for $100 each, as well as a “Deluxe” edition of the full-size figure with the four-piece mini set, having been painted with a double-sided paint job for $209 plus shipping. There’s also a new unpainted release of a Blobpus figure in red glitter vinyl for $40, plus some mixed-parts Vatundoo toys with your choice of head/body vinyl mix for $71 each. I recommend heading over to the Blobpus blog as soon as possible, as his lotteries usually end up closing within just a day or two.


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