Gnosis show at Toy Art Gallery

“GNOSIS”, a show featuring Blood Guts Toys, Deathcat Toys, Grizlli Atom, kto kto, and Snatchpunch, with special guests Aaron Brookes, Monsterisland, Popsoda, and Purple Toys opens today at Toy Art Gallery in LA! There’s going to be a huge variety of items and lots of sofubi debuts by several artists, here’s what’s going to happen:

Izumo of Blood Guts Toys will, of course, be releasing some new Shikabane Kaiju figures and has also brought his most recent work to the US: Ningyo! Featuring an articulated head and arms, it’s surprisingly big in size and quite a looker, even though I can’t say for sure that they’ll be for sale at the show as well.

ningyo 11154966_10152847555845875_1395633058154683481_o

As for Johan Ulrich of Deathcat Toys, he will be releasing his very first soft vinyl figures at the event: the Akumaneko set! Inspired by Go Nagai’s Devilman series, they’ve been produced by TAG and sculpted by Grizlli Atom, including the two mini figures by the names of Psychosophie and Owlene. Both painted and unpainted versions should be for sale!

akumaneko Akumaneko

Grizlli Atom himself will be releasing some new stuff as well, that being a set of “Goonsquad” figures (one of them shown on the left and currently not in vinyl), plus his Plague Doctor figure in collaboration with Toy Art Gallery! Pretty great show, any leftovers should go online on Monday at Noon PST.


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