Godzilla Vinyl Wars by Medicom Toy

To celebrate the latest Godzilla movie after 10 years of silence, Medicom Toy have started accepting pre-orders for the first pieces of their new “Godzilla Vinyl Wars” series! Available here for Japanese and here for international customers, the five figures consist of Kingodzi by Butanohana, Giant Pretty Godzilla by Sofubilife, Destoroyah version by Marmit, OG version by Bear Model and a Blue edition by M1go. The toys range from $43 to $106 and can be ordered until the end of July with an expected delivery date in late October.


4 thoughts on “Godzilla Vinyl Wars by Medicom Toy”

  1. The link for international buyers goes to Rakuten, where the listings for each one of the Vinyl Wars figures has this statement:
    This item is shipped to the following countries only.
    China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand

    Is there a way to buy these figures if you don’t live in one of those countries?

    1. Hey,

      yeah, I saw that too. That statement wasn’t there in the beginning and probably got added later because I believe they got more orders in than expected (especially for the Butanohana, I think).
      You could use a forwarding service if you’re willing to pay a little bit of extra money; if you haven’t used one before you could take a look at http://www.japonicamarket.com, I’ve used them a few times (also for a pre-order from Medicom once).

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