Godzilla Vinyl Wars part 2 by Medicom Toy

This month’s Medicom Toy releases continue their ongoing Godzilla Vinyl Wars series in honor of the first Godzilla movie in 10 years, offering a selection of Japan’s finest toy makers and reproduction editions! Available for pre-order until the end of August and expected to ship in late September and November.

These two Bullmark Godzilla are the only editions that can be ordered here by customers worldwide, whereas the others are limited to Japan, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Brazil and Taiwan. Both versions stand 9 inches tall and retail for $69 plus shipping, with coloring design from Yuji Nishimura of M1GO!


By Marmit comes this Mothgodzi 1964 edition with green sprays for $64 and Marusan have got a black/gray “Godzilla Strickes Back” 1955 edition.


CCP are offering a matte black 11″ GMK Godzilla for $69 and also from Marmit comes this amazing 10″ Destoroyah piece in red vinyl for $106.


Sofvilife have got an enormous Giant Hedorah for $106, cast in dark grayish vinyl and measuring close to 14″ tall.


And finally, here’s another J-tale Godzilla by M1GO x Bullmark in green vinyl for $75 and a 1962 Kingodzi by Bear Model for $69 with a size of 9 inches.


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