“I AM OK” by Fluffy House and Bubi Au Yeung

Western toys are pretty rare these days on Lowbrownie, but the occasional regular-vinyl figure doesn’t hurt, especially when they’re quite charming and look as high-quality as the new “I AM OK” set by Fluffy House and Bubi Au Yeung! Available for pre-order through Fluffy House and expected to ship around the end of September, the set is priced at $60 and includes a 4.5″ tall yellow figure with articulated arms and a grey 2.5″ buddy. All pre-orders placed before August 17th receive a free bag and special gift. Fun!

“The two figures portray the status of “OK” and “Not OK” respectively. They also represent a complicated state of mind. Sometimes when someone says they are OK, they may not be while sometimes the other way round…”


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