Interview with Scott C. about The Great Showdowns

Within the context of Scott C.’s newest book “The Great Showdowns” I had the amazing opportunity to do a little interview with him about his recent work! No idea what the book is all about? You can find my review here. Let’s get it on!

Q: Hi Scott! Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

A: Yeah, my name is Scott Campbell, but i often go by Scott C. It’s just my thing. I enjoy painting pleasant little characters and scenes in watercolor. I usually paint them for art shows in various cities of the world. Most often for Gallery 1988 and Gallery Nucleus in Los Angeles, but i live here in New York City. I’ve also been making comics and video games for the past bunch of years. And most recently, children’s picture books. Great Showdowns is an online series of paintings that i have been doing for a few years.

Q: How did you initially come up with the idea for “The Great Showdowns”, and what makes these encounters attractive to you?

A: The concept for the Great Showdowns began with 10 little paintings for the annual group exhibition at Gallery 1988 called Crazy 4 Cult. I found myself just drawing the characters from my favorite films just standing there looking fairly pleased with themselves and their adversaries. Together, all of these moments began feeling like a little gathering of friends. Looking at them in a group of smiling folk brings them to the same level playing field.

Q: Did you actually know each scene or movie you depicted, or did you have to look things up and watch hours and hours of movies?

A: Some movies had obvious showdowns, but i usually watch clips on the internet to remind me what the heck happened in these films. Some i havent seen since i was a small child! Others i needed to watch the full movie. And a very very select few… i just skimmed and never even watched. But there were certain scenes that have always stuck with me from coverage of the films throughout the years.

Q: We all know your work has quite a peaceful, friendly and ever happy atmosphere. When did you get started with this style, and what represents this for you?

A: I believe that two things settled my style into this peaceful realm. First was my work with children. I used to paint with kids in homeless shelters in San Francisco and i very much enjoyed the no holds barred excitement and happiness that they experienced as they created their paintings and drawings. The stories they told were always so amazing and creative. I tried to loosen up my mind in the way that they always did with no problem. Secondly, a trip to Japan in the year 2000 opened my eyes to the world of cute faces on absolutely everything. From the vending machines and waste paper bins to law firms and automotive shops. There were happy little dudes everywhere! I could not believe it. Upon my return to the states, my work got a bit happier. OH, and during the production of a very heavy metal game i was making called Brutal Legend, my work got even cuter. But really I am a pretty happy and excitable guy in general.

Q: What or who inspires you?

A: Everything everywhere all the time inspires me. Walking down the street inspires me. Sitting in the park inspires me. Talking to friends and eves dropping on people I do not know inspires me.  Art galleries, films, television, music, travelling, cute little towns, abandoned places, ruins, parties… they all inspire me.

Q: If you’d ever manage to have every important movie in the world drawn, are you going to stop or will you take a look at other fields such as video games?

A: I am really enjoying making the series at the moment and I like doing special side groups for shows. I did a special LOST series of showdowns for a show in LA and 8bit video game inspired showdowns for another, so I can see venturing into those realms at some point. And some people have suggested historical showdowns. Who knows! The future could hold anything.

Q: As a last question, since Lowbrownie is mainly a toy blog and the readers might be interested: Is there even the slightest chance we might ever see a Scott C. Designer Toy?

A: YES! I am always open to this and have begun the process a number of times. I very much would like to follow through with this! I’d also like to make plush stuff. Super bad. If anyone has any leeeaaaddss.

Q: Thank you very much for the interview, Scott! Any last words?

A: Thank you!! It has been fun chatting! Stay great!

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