Lime Green Cestoda by Toy Art Gallery

After a few marbled releases for last weekend’s NYCC, Toy Art Gallery and Miscreation Toys are back with another Cestoda edition, emerging from the sewers in lime-green vinyl! Sold by lottery from now on until Monday, October 19th at Noon PST, the massive Cestoda figure towers in at 14 inches in height and width with over 10 points of articulation. If you’re willing to spend $185 on this beast, you can email with “Cestoda Lottery” as the subject, along with your PayPal address and shipping info in the body. Winners will be notified within 24 hours – good luck!

Oh, and if you’re interested in some more blanks by Jeremi Rimel of Miscreation Toys, a few unpainted Autopsy Zombie Staple Babies will be heading to his online store this Friday at Noon PST for $100 each!


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