Mutant Vinyl Hardcore’s 2015 Halloween releases

Rich Montanari of Mutant Vinyl Hardcore celebrates this year’s Halloween with a trio of releases over the course of this week! Dropping at the MVH store on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 8pm Eastern Time, each day will have one figure released and here’s what we get:

Today’s offering consists of a new “Rotten Gourd” Sludge Demon edition that’s been produced in a lovely combination of bright orange, green and dark purple vinyl. Sold blind-bagged with different variations of marbling, you can buy an unpainted edition for $75 or a painted edition for $85, which will get you either a metallic green or metallic purple face.


On Thursday, October 29th, the long-awaited “Zug the Troll” will finally be making its debut! Made of green vinyl and measuring 9″ tall, this “Gangreen” version includes a poop omake, club weapon and loincloth with a little surprise underneath. Priced at $175 or $200, both painted and blank pieces will be heading to the shop! Quite nice.


And to continue the tradition of MVH Halloween releases, Sam Heinous will be returning on Friday in a new “Ultra Violent” colorway! Made of yellowish-green vinyl for the body and GID for the head, Sam includes the usual razor blade and pewter knife accessories and a bunch of stickers and pin. Priced at $145!


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