Oozeball sofubi by The Disarticulators

The Disarticulators will be launching their new Oozeball figure at NYCC! A follow-up to last years hugely popular keshi-ball release, Tru:Tek has completely redesigned the figure from the ground up for the new medium, opting for a more organic, Ooze-It like face, paper clay-style textures and the pièce de résistance… a hidden face inspired by Georges Méliès iconic 1902 silent movie, Le Voyage dans la Lune! Beautifully sculpted by none other than Zectron, the 2-part design has been upscaled from the original 2″ diameter to little over 3″- making it both more in-keeping with the classic Madball scale, and, more interestingly, compatible with a wide variety of mid-sized kaiju with the base removed…

Dropping at booth #208 during the preview night, 10 grey resin prototypes will be available for $75 each, whereas the vinyl version can be pre-ordered for $40 each: available in original Ooze-it green and a NYCC exclusive silver glitter, both will be produced by Rampage Toys in squishy vinyl and are estimated to ship in January/February next year – pretty cool!


But that’s not all – in addition to the countless Keshi toys they’ll be taking to the Con (check out the full line-up at Man-e-toys), in celebration of the release of Triclops x Rampage Toys x Skull Head Butt‘s Rotten-X, The Disarticulators have decided to bring back the original Rotten Tomato Ball as a super-limited resin edition of 5 pieces for $60, as well as another 5 resin prototypes packed with the blank red sofubi edition for $80 per set. The resin prototypes will go on sale during preview night, while the vinyl edition set will be sold on Saturday, October 11th!


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