Atomic Kong “Skin-Colored” by KT Soft Vinyl

KT Soft Vinyl and Medicom Toy have returned with another Atomic Kong colorway for this month’s exclusives: the skin-colored edition! Based on – and including a reproduction of – a 1970′s mini figure, the Giant version measures just under 12″ tall and if you’re interested in purchasing the set for $178 plus shipping, head over to Medicom Toy before November 10th at 11:59pm Japan time to apply for the worldwide lottery.


Astro Unkotsu “Super Gold” by Goccodo

After the previous Kaida-Kun release, Goccodo‘s Astro Unkotsu is the next figure to have received the golden glitter treatment, presenting the “Super Gold” edition! Made of blank, glitter-infused vinyl with a painted head, Astro Unkotsu stands around 10″ tall and includes 8 points of articulation. Priced at $75 plus shipping, you can head over to the Goccodo blog before October 25th at 11:59pm Japan time and apply for the lottery by filling out the form in time. Best of luck!


Marshmallow Uncle by Angel Abby x Black Seed

Angel Abby have been working on a new figure in collaboration with Black Seed: the Marshmallow Uncle! An unfortunate encounter of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man with an Alien Chestburster, this first official colorway had been released at last weekend’s Taipei Toy Festival and has been painted in rainbow colors by Angel Abby over clear vinyl, including GID vinyl for the chestburster. Standing around 8″ tall and retailing for $100 plus $10 worldwide shipping!


October 2015 lottery by Elegab

Another month, another lottery by Elegab! The offerings for October include a new Hyouga King edition on black vinyl for $70, as well as a set of Kaijin Seijin aliens on blue vinyl at the cost of $67 plus shipping and can be applied for until October 22nd at 8:30am Japan time by email. Shipping the fourth of November, you can head over to the Elegab website for the full details on what to include in your email application – good luck!


The 2015 Cometdebris Halloween Unlucky Bags

It’s the Halloween time of the year again, with lots of spooky releases such as the 2015 Unlucky Bags by Cometdebris! As with previous bags, this year’s edition includes customs, limited editions, test shots of previously unreleased vinyl colors and unpainted figures, too. Available right now at the Cometdebris online store, the bags come in two sizes: Small with 1 mini and 1 medium figure for $111, as well as Medium with 2 figures of both sizes with a price tag of $222.


Bwana Spoons’ NYCC 2015 leftovers

Bwana Spoons has come home from NYCC and uploaded a few leftover goodies to the Gravy Toys store! The highlight of today’s deal is a mixed-parts blind bag of Suns of Brodarr figures, including several colorways as well as unpainted pieces in the mix, comprised of all 9 different characters with a price tag of $50 per bag. A translucent blue Eyebora has made its way to the shop for $13 as well, and is accompanied by a Hobo Gravy Shogun mash-up for $36. Available as long as supplies last!


DC13 Astronaut “Red October” Battle Set by Mutant Vinyl Hardcore

Rich Montanari of Mutant Vinyl Hardcore has returned with quite a special treat: the debut of the DC13 Astronauts! A departure from his usual monster aesthetics, the mechanical duo has been sculpted in collaboration with Monster5 and measures 10″ tall, including a whole 9 points of articulation. To make this first release even more special than it already is, this “Red October” edition will be the only battle set edition to ever be released, which includes two bodies with both head sculpts – Hyper Viper and Thermo Borg – and may as well be the only blank release for these guys. Priced at $330 plus shipping, head over to the MVH lottery page before midnight Eastern time and hope for the best – good luck!


Lime Green Cestoda by Toy Art Gallery

After a few marbled releases for last weekend’s NYCC, Toy Art Gallery and Miscreation Toys are back with another Cestoda edition, emerging from the sewers in lime-green vinyl! Sold by lottery from now on until Monday, October 19th at Noon PST, the massive Cestoda figure towers in at 14 inches in height and width with over 10 points of articulation. If you’re willing to spend $185 on this beast, you can email with “Cestoda Lottery” as the subject, along with your PayPal address and shipping info in the body. Winners will be notified within 24 hours – good luck!

Oh, and if you’re interested in some more blanks by Jeremi Rimel of Miscreation Toys, a few unpainted Autopsy Zombie Staple Babies will be heading to his online store this Friday at Noon PST for $100 each!


Hanu Monkey by Kirin Webber

Kirin Webber, a China-based toy designer and illustrator, is proud to announce his first vinyl release “Hanu Monkey” over at Tokyo Toy Fiend! With an estimated size of around 7 inches and including articulated arms, legs and head, this debut edition of the grim simian is limited to an edition 35 pieces and has been produced in vibrant pink vinyl. Priced at $85 plus shipping, you can head over to TTF before Friday at 10am Japan time and fill out the lottery form for a chance at winning one of your own!


Cat with Dagger by FOE Gallery and Deth P. Sun

FOE Gallery and Deth P. Sun are proud to announce their first self-produced figure: the Cat with Dagger! To be produced in soft vinyl with an expected delivery date in early 2016, this first edition will be cast in grey vinyl (resin prototype with non-final color below) and can be purchased unpainted for $50, or with white, black and silver sprays for $65 until October 19th at midnight. Standing around 6″ tall and coming with 3 points of articulation!


Cyborg Stardust pre-order by Bwana Spoons

Bwana‘s newest Cyborg Stardust figure, which had been available for pre-order back in April as a 10-piece set with all of his buddies, can now be pre-ordered separately at the Gravy Toy store! Up for grabs until the end of October for $44 and expected to arrive in early January, they’ll be made of unpainted mixed-parts vinyl and will have one of the Suns of Brodarr heads at random. Depending on the overall amount of pre-orders, several vinyl colors for the bodies will be produced, one of which you’ll be able to find in your bag: under 50 pieces, you’ll receive one of two possible colors, over the 50-mark a third marbled color will be ordered and if the orders exceed 75 pieces, your Cyborg might be made of translucent glitter vinyl. And if that wasn’t enough, no two figures will be the same and every purchase will be including a micro “Stankor” tank omake!


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