Blobpus x Yamomark Chinpira edition

Once again, Blobpus and Yamomark are collaborating on another run of glow-in-the-dark figures, presenting the first Chinpira edition by Blobpus! Painted with his signature mix of metallic sprays with quite a bit of detail, this open pre-order is available until September 27th at just $73 plus shipping. Estimated to be shipped by November 20th, you can order yours by sending an email to and including your name, country, address, telephone number and PayPal address.


Strange Monsters Collection by Unbox Industries

BigManToys, Ironhaus and Zectron have joined forces for a small series 3″ figures, which have been produced by Unbox Industries and will be making their debut at the Little Rubber Guys store today, September 18th at 6:30pm PST! Consisting of ShoguNasty, Necrolossus and Tug-o-War (in descending order), they’ve been cast in classic, rotocast vinyl in a dark green color and are priced at $12 each or $15 for Zectron’s Tug-o-War, which includes an additional vinyl sticker by Japanese artist Kotobuki Man and a mini comic-book-style header. Limited quantities available only!


Poundy Moo Bernardo by Kaiju Dan

Celebrating her first anniversary of making toys, Kaiju Dan has cooked up something special for Taipei Toy Festival in October: the debut of “Kaiju Poundy Moo Bernardo” figure! Priced at $63, this first edition will be limited to 20 pieces for the convention, as well as an additional 20 for email orders for foreign buyers. There will also be a new Kaiju Pogola figure in the same quantities as well, selling for $45 and having been produced in clear vinyl.

If one or both have caught your interest, you can send your order via email to between October 1st at 8pm to October 4th at midnight Japan time, and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to win the lottery!

bernardo orange_pogola2

Twiljin online release by Utsugiyo

Japanese toy designer Utsugiyo has returned with the first online release of Twiljin! Available until September 23rd at 11pm Japan time for $65 plus shipping, there are 3 colorways to choose from: a Hawaiian edition of 19 pieces, a green/blue version of 4 pieces and a light grey/yellow version in an edition of nothing but 3. Twiljin stands 5.5″ tall, includes a larva omake and comes packaged in a box with a small illustrated card. Visit the Utsugiyo website and fill out the order form for a chance at winning one of these great fellas!


Tri color marble Sludge Demons by MVH

Collaborating with Grody Shogun’s Luke Rook to create the very first marbled toy in Mutant Vinyl Hardcore history, Rich Montanari is proud to announce the tri-color marble Sludge Demon release! Dropping at the MVH store today, September 15th at 10pm Eastern Time, they’ve been cast in a lovely mix of baby-blue, GID and clear red with glitter and all of the Sludgies have got quite a bit of different pours going on, making each one unique while being sold blind-bagged. Priced at $75 plus shipping and limited to one piece per household!


Black Velvet King Jinx by Paul Kaiju

Paul Kaiju‘s returned with a sudden release at his online store: a new King Jinx “Black Velvet” colorway! Made of matte black vinyl with spotted metallic sprays, they’re limited to nothing but a few pieces and include the Screaming Siren omake for $300 plus shipping. Additionally, there are some more Vanilla X Smoke sets of the Mister Ree figure for $130, including all of the Cosmic Prince and Fungus Boxer parts, as well as bonus Bunny and Root Man pieces. Available right now as long as supplies last!


Paulo the Moonlight Kreeper debut by Bwana Spoons

While Bwana Spoons is almost ready to ship the Aqualox and Garak pre-orders out, the first official edition of Paulo the Moonlight Kreeper has just been released at the Gravy Toys online store! Made of GID and yellow vinyl, Paulo comes with a new head and right arm sculpt and this “Shitstorm” colorway has been treated to a variety of yellow, red, grey and light blue sprays. Limited edition of nothing but 13 pieces for $44 each!


New Kandy Kaiju + 2015 Lucky Bags by Super7

Originally planned to be released in June, Super7 will finally be releasing this year’s Lucky Bag on September 26th, both online (8pm PST) and at their retail stores (7pm)! Delayed due to “one last piece of something special” missing, the Lucky Bags will be offered in two sizes, that being $270 for six figures, or $135 for a bag of 3 figures, comprised of the usual mix of painted and blank toys. Who knows, maybe there’s going to be a new sculpt making its debut!


In other Super7 news, they’ve got some new Chocolate-Mint Pie Guys, Fosters and Miltons! Made of lovely dark brown and green swirled vinyl plus brown/tan parts and beige sprays, the Kandy Kaijus come priced at $25 each and are now available at their online store!


“Bruiser” Mockbat by Paul Kaiju

Paul Kaiju‘s returned with a new Mockbat colorway: the “Bruiser”! Cast in vibrant pink vinyl and including a Hellmock omake in “Beastwalker” mode (with its own omake, if you will), Mockbat measures the usual 6″ in height and has 8 points of articulation altogether. With a price tag of $150 plus shipping, it will be available via lottery through the Paul Kaiju website for a period of 12 hours only, starting today, Sunday, September 6th at 6pm PST. Good luck!


The Mole Man debut by Bukimi Blasters

Shigeo Endo of Bukimi Blasters has been working on his third sofubi figure, which just debuted at his online store yesterday: The Mole Man! Including 5 points of articulation and a secret omake as a food source for the freaky monster, this first edition comes in unpainted glow-in-the-dark vinyl and is priced at approximately $98 plus shipping. Up for grabs as long as supplies last!


Gabogirass debut by Gumtaro x One-Up

As announced in June, One-Up have released the first edition of Gumtaro’s latest sofubi figure: Gabogirass! Cast in army-green vinyl, this two-headed kaiju measures 5″ in height and is made of two parts for nothing but $21 plus shipping.


Another recent addition to One-Up’s online store is this new Gajyolla colorway on glow-in-the-dark vinyl, designed by Gumtaro as well! Painted by Goto-san with pearly-pastel sprays, they retail for $29 and can be, as usual, ordered by international customers via email.


Toyful exclusive Astro Unkotsu by Goccodo

Celebrating their fifth year in existence, Japanese online store Toyful are proud to announce their latest exclusive: an Astro Unkotsu colorway by Goccodo! Painted with a simple combination of purple and green sprays over GID vinyl with some more colors for the details, Astro Unkotsu stands about 10″ tall and has got a price tag of $77. Releasing on September 5th at 8pm Japan time, they unfortunately only ship to Japan, but since it’s a Rakuten shop, you shouldn’t encounter too many issues while searching for an appropriate  forwarding service.


Red Rub Vertebrata by Toy Art Gallery

New from Paul Kaiju x Blobpus and Toy Art Gallery comes the Red Rub Vertebrata! Painted with metallic sprays over deep red vinyl, Vertebrata stands 8″ tall and is articulated at the head, shoulders, hands and waist and has been priced at just $85 plus shipping. Sold via lottery, you can send your email to with “Vertebrata Lottery” as the subject along with your PayPal address and shipping info before Monday, August 31st at Noon PST. Good luck!


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