Poundy Moo Bernardo by Kaiju Dan

Celebrating her first anniversary of making toys, Kaiju Dan has cooked up something special for Taipei Toy Festival in October: the debut of “Kaiju Poundy Moo Bernardo” figure! Priced at $63, this first edition will be limited to 20 pieces for the convention, as well as an additional 20 for email orders for foreign buyers. There will also be a new Kaiju Pogola figure in the same quantities as well, selling for $45 and having been produced in clear vinyl.

If one or both have caught your interest, you can send your order via email to kaijuartist_dan@yahoo.co.jp between October 1st at 8pm to October 4th at midnight Japan time, and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to win the lottery!

bernardo orange_pogola2

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