Rotten-X lottery by Zectron and Eric Nilla

Zectron and Eric Nilla have joined forces for the newest colorway of the Rotten-X figure! Including a body by Skull Head Butt and featuring a head which has been designed by Triclops Studios and sculpted by Zextron, this release has been painted by Jon of Rampage Toys over milky light pink vinyl with red lamé in an edition of only 5 pieces. Eric Nilla created a four-piece header card with sliding window and to top it all off, each toy includes 3 additional golden keshi minis: Zectron’s Critter, a Cheestroyer by Bad Teeth Comics and a Rise Of the Beasts Cahriv figure by Plastic Imagination!

Priced at only $95 plus shipping, interested parties should send an email with their information to before Saturday for a chance at winning one of these!


2 thoughts on “Rotten-X lottery by Zectron and Eric Nilla”

    1. Sorry, saw it a bit late. Don’t know when they’ll be announced, but maybe you already know in the meantime.

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