Satori Kappa by Dave Dick

New from Dave Dick over at Planet 3 Toys comes the Satori Kappa resin figure! Sculpted with a size of around 2.75″ and produced in Los Angeles by the folks of Pretty in Plastic, they’ve got handpainted details and will ship bagged, with a button and a certificate of authenticity/mini print by the artist. Limited to an edition of 40, you can now grab your Kappa for the price of $80 here!

“The Kappa is one of Japan’s yokai and are said to inhabit the country’s rivers and streams. Legendary trouble makers, Kappa are responsible for everything from general harassment to drowning people and animals, kidnapping children, and the ravishing of women. Now, not all Kappa are mischievous, murdering, kidnappers. Throughout history there have been some who have befriended human beings, helping and even teaching them.”


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