Scott Bain – Micromachina

Australian Artist Scott Bain is currently having an exhibiton called “Micromachina” in South Australia.

He describes his idea as following:

“MICROMACHINA examines what makes the insect world tick, and considers our attempts to control nature and the consequences. Humanity’s blatant disregard for nature, where profit comes before life, will ultimately be our undoing. Pesticides, herbicides, genetic modification and massive urban expansion push the fine balance of life toward disaster. There has to be a point, when mother nature will say ‘too far’, and rid the earth of its biggest pest… us.

When the planet’s soul is gone, all that’s left is cogs and pipes.

MICROMACHINA AQUA takes this inspiration to the high seas, highlighting the damage we are causing to an often unseen, large percentage of our planet. The destruction caused by overfishing, oil spills and now gas exploration are causing irreversible damage to these fragile underwater ecosytems. If the exhibition encourages the viewer to think about the future of other species, then the art is doing its job.”

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