SEGA Retrogame Sofubi Collection: second Aggar colorway

Before releasing their new Space Harrier Mammoth into the wild, Geek Life have returned with a second Aggar colorway, the “Crystal Clear Red & Black Megadrive Battle Damaged Edition”! Part of their SEGA Retrogame Sofubi Collection, it appears to not have been painted at all and instead comes in a fascinating combination of translucent red vinyl with a second, double-poured black vinyl layer on its inside, giving it a certain feeling of depth while hightlighting the sculpts’ details. Aggar stands approximately 9.5″ tall and is now available for pre-order through Geek Life for the price of $111 plus shipping – buyers in Japan can simply use their online shop, whereas overseas customers are expected to either send them an email with their order (details here), or can more conveniently buy it at the Blackbook Toy online store until October 28th.


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