White Gizalla by Gumtaro and Goto-san

& abgelegt unter Kaiju/Sofubi.

Along with Gumtaro‘s new Gajyolla figure, One-Up will be releasing another Gizalla colorway at One-Up Fes on July 19th! Made of shiny white vinyl, this is the second version Goto-san has painted and it’s going to be priced at ¥3000 (approx. $30) each. If we’re lucky, some of these lovely Gizallas will make their way to the online shop a little later!


First Gajyolla release by Gumtaro

& abgelegt unter Kaiju/Sofubi.

The first release of Gumtaro‘s new Gajyolla figure is about to happen soon – this blue colorway will be for pre-sale at the next One-Up Festival on July 19th, while most of the remaining pieces will be sold at the upcoming Wonder Festival on July 27th. Standing 4.25″ tall and made of two parts with this debut edition having been painted by Goto-san!


Gajyolla by Gumtaro

& abgelegt unter Kaiju/Sofubi.

After the very successful launch of Gumtaro‘s Gizalla figure, a new toy has been produced in collaboration with One-Up: Gajyolla! Standing approximately 4.25 inches tall, this GID version is just a test pull and will not be for sale in the near future. With its price to be determined, the first colorway might make its debut during the next few weeks at One-Up. Stay tuned!


New Gizalla colorways at One-Up soon

& abgelegt unter Kaiju/Sofubi.

One-Up will be releasing two new colorways of Gumtaro’s Gizalla figure on June 1st at 9pm Japan time! Priced at $30 each and standing 4.25″ tall, the yellow vinyl version has been painted by Goto-san, while the turquoise edition was done by Dream Rocket. International customers can order at One-Up by email, though I don’t know if they keep a few pieces aside since they usually sell out within a couple of minutes.