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Scott C’s The Great Showdowns book review

I was pretty stoked when Titan Books offered me the opportunity to get a review edition of Scott C‘s “The Great Showdowns“, before it is being released in book stores all around the globe! If you’re not familiar with Scott Campbell’s work, I’ll tell you a little something about him: he’s an illustrator and artist living in New York, doing everything from comics to children’s books to video games. But he’s most famous for his cute and lovely watercolor characters, published in artwork collections such as “Amazing Everything”. His newest book creation “The Great Showdowns” is based on his famous series, showcased at Gallery1988 and being produced by the latter and Titan Books.

The book contains close to 150 pictures of some of the greatest confrontations in film history, whether it be John McClane from “Die Hard” vs. broken glass (one of my favorites), Samuel L. Jackson vs. Snakes on a plane, or Neo vs. Agent Smith! Inception, Alien, E.T., Shining or Lord of the Rings – the list goes on and on! The amazing thing at Scott’s work is the fact that everyone and everything smiles and seems to be happy – which contagiously makes you smile too while reading the book! I shamefully admit not knowing every scene of this pop culture collection, but that’s kinda where the fun begins – yesterday I was going through the book together with my family, and in the end we managed to (almost) figure everything out and had a great time.

The Great Showdowns truly is a lovely and amusing compilation of some of the most memorable movie scenes ever, interpreted in a wonderful and adorable style. It’s something you will remember and something that makes you remember! A must-have for every movie and pop culture fan, destined to look good right next to your Clockwork Orange Dunny or Star Wars stuff. To be released by the end of October and priced at $15, you can already preorder it at Amazon for only $9.45, which is quite a nice price for a high quality hardcover book. There’s one negative thing about the whole story though: I guess we’ll have to wait for part 2!

If you’re interested in purchasing some of The Great Showdowns prints or originals, there still are a few available at Gallery1988!