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Creator by Shigeru Mizuki and Linden Toys, plus Wonder Festival exclusives

Linden Toys will be participating in this weekend’s Wonder Festival once again, and have got some new editions of licensed Shigeru Mizuki and Osamu Tezuka toys up their sleeves, as well as the debut of the “Creator” character from the Gegege no Kitaro manga series! With prices ranging from ¥4.200 (approx. $36) for Tezuka’s larger Slug figure to ¥5.900 for the Creator toy with a few too many facial features, quantities will be, as usual, quite limited and are bound to sell out quickly.


Black Cat Yokai by Handsome Taro M

Seen at Super Festival 65 in April, here comes another debut by Handsome Taro M: Black Cat Yokai! Based on the character from Shigeru Mizuki’s Akuma-kun manga, it stands 9.5″ tall and is priced at $65. Orders will be accepted from Sunday, July 27th on and Black Cat Yokai is most likely to also be for sale at Wonder Festival the same day.


Kemedama and Slug by Linden Toy

Here’s part 2 of Linden Toy‘s exclusives for this Wonder Festival summer edition with 2 new debut releases up their sleeves: a Kemedama by Shigeru Mizuki for $49 and a Slug toy by Osamu Tezuka for $45, larger than their previous version! Both versions below are just test pulls, the final versions are going to be painted.


Wonder Festival: Max Toy Co!

Max Toy Co are bringing a whole bunch of stuff to this weekend’s Wonder Festival once again! There’s a “Desert camouflage” Negora for $28 (final product is different from the picture below), a Tiger Negora for $27 and a yellow Usa-Ringo for $7. They’ve also got a new “Beastman” figure by Geek, debuting at their booth for $160 and an Eyezon custom by Mark Nagata for $255.

As usual, they’ve got another one-day license for some of their collaborations: two Azumanga Daioh toys for $25 each, a Yotsuba&! set for $49 and two Shigeru Mizuki figures for $38 or $46!