The Boy and the Ghost by Rolito x Fig-Lab

New from Rolito in collaboration with Fig-Lab come these “The Boy and the Ghost” playsets in soft vinyl! Originally released at the “TEN YEARS YEAH!” exhibition in mid-July, the set includes the Boy, a clear vinyl Ghost and a tiny Soul and is available in a mixed-color edition with red, yellow and green vinyls for $59, as well as a painted metallic edition by Goto-san for $68, each colorway and combination being limited to an edition of 5 pieces.


In other news, some of you might remember the “Black Polito” toy from Rolito in 2007, now after a few years of silence, they have released several new editions at Fig-Lab as well! A double-pour colorway with smoky clear vinyl on the outisde and GID vinyl on the inside, plus a few handpainted editions with subtle sprays by Goto-san can be bought for prices of $68 each and are limited to 5 pieces.


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