Twisted Planet at Toy Art Gallery

Toy Art Gallery‘s current exhibition, “Twisted Planet”, features the works of Cometdebris, Galaxy People, Joseph Harmon and Martin Ontiveros and has now made its way to their online store! Twisted Planet marks the debut of several new sofubi figures: Joseph Harmon’s “Wolf Thing Bat Mother” comes in green vinyl with a price tag of $35, whereas the new “Chungaloids” have been produced in unpainted glow-in-the-dark vinyl for $55 per set.


The Magi Maleficarum set by Martin Ontiveros, previously seen as a resin release a few months ago, makes its debut in unpainted GID sofubi as well and is up for grabs for $45 each.


Be sure to head over to the TAG store as soon as possible for a lovely selection of one-offs, micro runs, prints and originals by all 4 artists, as long as they’re still available!


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