Dust Catcher is here!

Hey toy people! Glad to announce that Dust Catcher – our magazine about contemporary character design, illustration and collectibles – is finally available for purchase! In terms of toy-related stuff, we’ve got exclusive interviews with Elegab, Pepe Hiller, and Case Studyo. You can also follow us Instagram, where we’ll announce our exclusive release of Elegab’s Meteorg soon.

210 x 275 mm
96 pages
Printed on uncoated paper
Cover with translucent paper sheet

Volume #1 includes interviews with:

Acne JR
Case Studyo
Cleon Peterson (courtesy of Plus-One)
Irma Gruenholz
Joakim Ojanen
Pepe Hiller
Troy Coulterman












Nutipati by Purple Toys and Unbox Industries

Unbox Industries are proud to present the first online release of the Nutipati figure by Purple Toys! Previously released in a few colors by the artist himself, this edition has been produced in translucent blue and lavender vinyl, including 4 points of articulation and a removable helmet. Measuring 7 inches tall, one of them could be yours for $85 plus shipping, or – if you happen to attend next weekend’s Designer Con in Pasadena – you can grab one of them there as well, if you want to save on shipping.


Youzha and Shikabane Kaiju editions by Grizlli Atom

Grizlli Atom has teamed up with both Blood Guts Toys and Kearjun to release a bunch of Zombies into the wild on tomorrow’s Friday the 13th! Scheduled to be released at his online store at 11:13pm EST, the drop consists of a “Tarman” Shikabane Kaiju (both the Toxic & Flesh Eater head variants) in an edition of 6 pieces for $230 each, as well as a run of 5 “Yama” Youzha figures with blue and green variants with price tags of $130 plus shipping. Sold blind-bagged!


“Ofuda” Oozeballs by Tru:Tek

The Disarticulator’s Tru:Tek will be releasing a new edition of Oozeballs tomorrow, Friday 13th! Dropping at the Man-E-Toys store at 13:13pm Eastern time, this “Ofuda” colorway has been produced in squishy white vinyl this time around, and painted with a black rub and hand-sprayed ooze in a variety of one-off colors (including a metallic rainbow chase). Coming tagged with a special paper talisman for summoning the ooze god “It” in your hour of need(!), the limited run of 5 pieces comes packed in a linen drawstring bag for $65 plus shipping.

lucky oozeballs promo

Hackberry, Yummiela and Bald Golem by Target Earth

Target Earth have returned with a trio of all new releases, which can now be pre-ordered by email! Standing around 10-11″ tall, the marine creature Hackberry and the cartoonish Yummiela have been priced at ¥10.000, whereas Bald Golem – featuring a new head over the Lowbrow Golem body – can be yours for ¥15.000 plus shipping. Customers in Japan can find further information at the Target Earth blog, while international buyers can send an email to [email protected] and will have to buy the above price with an additional forwarding fee of roughly $35 (plus shipping). Limited quantities!


Angel Abby exclusive Techno Loaders by Ilu Ilu

Hong Kong based toy retailer Angel Abby have joined forces with the elusive Ilu Ilu once again, presenting two exclusive editions of the Techno Loaders! Debuted at Super Festival 68 in April, the incredibly detailed Commander Victor figure measures approx. 7.5″ tall and comes shipped in a window display with 4 different micro toys with a size of around one inch. Made of yellow/orange and grey vinyl, their torsos have been produced in translucent green and clear vinyl respectively and have got price tags of $330 per colorway.

Sold by lottery for the whole duration of November 7th Hong Kong time, interested parties can send an email to [email protected], including “Exclusive Techno Loaders” in the subject along with your wanted color (orange, black, or both) and your name, address, phone and PayPal address in the body. Hong Kong residents can head over to their retail shop tomorrow instead – full info here!


Tiamat and Keitosu by Anraku Ansaku

After the successful launch of their Panda and Tanuki newcomers in September, Anraku Ansaku and Medicom Toy have announced another new set of sculpts: Tiamat and Keitosu! Planned to be released on November 24th via open pre-order for a little bit over a month, both marine creatures measure around 9″ in height and will be retailing for approx. $135 each. Shipping in late March 2016 and probably releasing at a few online stores in the US as well!


Red Monkey King and Paradise Sunrise Rangeas by T9G

T9G will be releasing the first painted edition of his new Monkey King at Design Festa 42 on November 21st! Painted over red vinyl and standing 5″ tall, they’ll be priced at $45 and are going to be accompanied by two new Rangeas editions: the “Paradise Sunrise” colorways! Made of glow-in-the-dark and clear vinyl, both versions have got a price tag of $72 each and we can only hope that all 3 toys will be released online shortly afterwards.


Mutant Vinyl Hardcore’s 2015 Halloween releases

Rich Montanari of Mutant Vinyl Hardcore celebrates this year’s Halloween with a trio of releases over the course of this week! Dropping at the MVH store on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 8pm Eastern Time, each day will have one figure released and here’s what we get:

Today’s offering consists of a new “Rotten Gourd” Sludge Demon edition that’s been produced in a lovely combination of bright orange, green and dark purple vinyl. Sold blind-bagged with different variations of marbling, you can buy an unpainted edition for $75 or a painted edition for $85, which will get you either a metallic green or metallic purple face.


On Thursday, October 29th, the long-awaited “Zug the Troll” will finally be making its debut! Made of green vinyl and measuring 9″ tall, this “Gangreen” version includes a poop omake, club weapon and loincloth with a little surprise underneath. Priced at $175 or $200, both painted and blank pieces will be heading to the shop! Quite nice.


And to continue the tradition of MVH Halloween releases, Sam Heinous will be returning on Friday in a new “Ultra Violent” colorway! Made of yellowish-green vinyl for the body and GID for the head, Sam includes the usual razor blade and pewter knife accessories and a bunch of stickers and pin. Priced at $145!


Astro-Mu 5 re-issue by Medicom Toy and Galaxy People

While Super7 already took care of bringing back Nakajima’s Astro-Mu 5 minis a few months ago, Medicom Toy have now collaborated with The Galaxy People for a reproduction of the classic, full-sized toys – starting with the rivalling Ultra Earth and Devil Bado figures! With a height of 10″, their paint applications are almost identical to the original 70′s line and they have been cast in translucent yellow vinyl. Including a removable helmet/head for Devil Bado, glittery-golden pipes in their limbs as well as a button on the back and chest for all the yes/no head action you’ve always longed for, they’ll set you back around $120-135 each, depending on where you order them from.

Available until December 5th via open pre-order through Medicom Toy directly, as well as a few select online shops such as Toy Art Gallery or Lulubell Toys. Shipping in late April 2016!


GID Bostyrant by Snatchpunch

Snatchpunch‘s back with another Bostyrant edition, being up for grabs at his online store right now! Priced at $70, they’ve been produced in lovely glow-in-the-dark vinyl and are limited to nothing but a handful of pieces. This year’s Dcon visitors will also get a chance to buy some Bostyrant figures and the near future holds a new sofubi release from Snatchpunch – stay tuned!


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